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clean room check list

Clean Room Design Checklist

This quick clean room design checklist is part of a number of free suggestions, tools or tips put together by our (frustrated) staff to try circumvent a poor clean room design.
1. Stakeholder consultations
Has everyone …

Architecture art

Is Architecture Art in a Life Science Setting?

Yes. That old chestnut.

Well, that is to say, the notion of “architecture as art” or moreover reframed as the simpler question “is architecture art?” has intrigued me for such a long time now – …


Value Engineering using Building Information Modeling (BIM)

With the increasing optimisation of value-engineering using Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions for advanced pharmaceutical facility design, it has never been more critical to properly understand the existing conditions of buildings when working on …

building front

Lean Pharma Plant Design

Lean Pharma Tips
I think everyone has heard of the 7 Lean Manufacturing Wastes, increasingly we hear that an 8th Waste has been added – Skill.

Over the years, and with my failing memory, I have learnt that …