Applying for Licences to Manufacture Medicinal Cannabis – Final Dosage Form (FDF)

The Final Dosage Form (FDF) of a medicinal cannabis product will not undergo any other changes prior to patient administration, e.g. in a tablet, tincture, capsule, oil, etc.

What licences are required for the manufacture medicinal cannabis FDF?

Two manufacturing licences are required for the manufacture of medicinal cannabis FDF – one from the Australian Office of Drug Control (ODC) and another from the Australian TGA. This is different from other schedule 8 drugs which typically don’t require a licence from the ODC.

To obtain a licence from the ODC to manufacture medicinal cannabis FDF, the following information needs to be provided with the application:

  • drugs proposed to be manufactured
  • proposed end use of the manufactured drugs
  • starting materials
  • maximum number of drugs that are proposed for manufacture
  • maximum number of drugs necessary to have in possession or control at any time
  • period during which the drugs will be manufactured
  • how the applicant will comply with sections of the Act regulating the end use of the drug

Getting the TGA licence requires a bit more work.

More information

The PIC/S Guide to GMP is the essential standard for those intending to manufacture medicines for supply within Australia. Unless there is a special exemption under the Therapeutic Goods Act, manufacturing specifically medicinal cannabis FDF will require PIC/S Part I compliance. Depending on the dosage form and the particular manufacturing process, compliance to the relevant PIC/S Annexes are also required, (e.g. if your FDF is a cream or ointment; if you use computerised systems, etc.) as well as relevant product standards such as TGO 77 (Microbiological) and TGO 93 (Medicinal Cannabis).

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