It is well known that in every company’s lifetime – whether you’re in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical devices or other industries – you might find yourself experiencing skill shortages in technical areas at various times. All of a sudden you may need interim staff in the form QA managers, equipment technicians, pharmaceutical engineers or validation experts to name a few! PharmOut offers the recruitment of GMP professionals as a service. This allows you exclusive access to our extensive network of GMP and industry professionals across the Asia Pacific region, making it much easier to find the right person with the experience that is best suited to match the skill shortage within your company.

The interim staff and roles we recruit

Interim staff

We can tap into our global network of consultants to find someone for a specific geographic location or someone with specific skills who is willing to move to where you need them. We can even handle their relocation into your country if your company doesn’t have the skills or experience to do so! We specialise in recruiting:

  • Qualification and Validation professionals (including Computer Systems Validation specialists)
  • Quality professionals e.g. Quality Assurance (QA) Managers, Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • GMP Technical Writers
  • Compliance Specialists e.g. Quality Management Systems Specialists, Audit Management

Staff placement timeframes and options

We can help you find staff for:

  • Temporary contracting – when you need resources for a specific project, we can provide experienced personnel who will fulfil your expectations as well as get the job done.
  • Leave cover – we are here to help when you need resources to replace someone on maternity or paternal leave, or indeed in an emergency.
  • Permanent placement – we will find the right person for you to fill a permanent role in your organisation.

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