GMP facility design for manufacturing sites and scientific laboratories requires very specific knowledge and experience. We understand that both the regulatory and workflow requirements are critical to success when building or renovating facilities. A common expression is that you need to ‘build-in‘ quality. This means that the quality of a product should be built-in at every stage of the manufacturing lifecycle instead of solely relying on Quality Control tests at the very end of the process.

One step before building-in quality is ‘designing-in‘ quality. This is often covered in the initial planning, research, development and scale up of a product but also includes the preliminary GMP facility design.

Services Available:

Pharmaceutical Architects

PharmOut’s pharmaceutical architects have extensive experience in designing a wide variety of pharmaceutical, medical device and complementary medicine manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Laboratory / Cleanroom Construction / Engineering

PharmOut can design laboratories or clean rooms that meet both your workflow and regulatory requirements.

Pharmaceutical Engineering/GMP Consulting Engineers

Our Engineers can provide expertise on equipment selection, the different advantages and disadvantages of certain technologies and can advise on the best options based on our industry experience.

GMP Project Management

PharmOut offers project management services to help you get from the initial idea all the way to  getting production up and running in the new facility and in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Facility Design Reviews

If you already have a facility design, we can provide an independent GMP review to make sure that all the important details are covered and nothing has been missed before the property lease is signed and the cement is poured.

GMP Training

GMP Training can help increase your awareness of the regulatory requirements surrounding your next project. PharmOut offers a wide variety of training courses online, on-site and in a city near you.

More Information:

PharmOut’s strength lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the GMP regulations combined with our practical experience and knowledge of manufacturing workflows. We’ll deliver a GMP facility design that is compliant, enables streamlining of manufacturing processes, includes Lean and World Class manufacturing concepts to reduce duplication and that potentially will allow product to be shipped to multiple countries with their individual regulatory requirements. We can even advise on IT systems, human resource planning and procurement strategies. Our extensive client-side experience means that we understand your needs (and your constraints).

Some examples of our design work include:

Healthcare Facility Planning and Design

PharmOut also provide facility planning and design services for buildings such as pharmacies, hospitals and aged care homes. This process also requires specialised knowledge and experience and we are well accustomed to dealing with the regulations and are skilled at obtaining planning approvals.

Our team of architects, engineers and project managers has extensive experience in the architectural and engineering design of health science facilities and not only make sure you avoid costly mistakes but also design a aesthetically pleasing facility that will provide a pleasant atmosphere for patients, staff and visitors.

Even if you just need guidance on deciding which contract type to use when designing and building your new facility, we are happy to help. It can be reassuring to have someone on your side as you navigate the complex web of planning, designing and building a healthcare facility.

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