Pharmacovigilance services refers to the activities and processes involved in monitoring, detecting, assessing, and preventing adverse effects or any other drug-related problems associated with the use of medications or medical products. Pharmacovigilance is crucial for ensuring the safety of drugs and medical devices throughout their lifecycle, from development to post-marketing surveillance.

PharmOut’s pharmacovigilance services offering is supported a team of well trained and experienced pharmacovigilance professionals and a range of regulatory, GMP and design professionals, offering a one-stop shop of support services.  The team uses a risk-based approach to focus scarce resources on critical to product quality and patient safety matters.

These services can be offered on both a fee for service basis and a fixed price basis anywhere in the world.

Pharmacovigilance  Consultants

Whether it is an existing facility, or a brand new facility manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices or biologics; our consultants can navigate their way through the regulations and help you set up a compliant system in which you can have confidence.

Pharmacovigilance  Contractors

When you need ‘hands on deck’ to do the work associated with pharmacovigilance program or systems, we have many capable and professional contractors to choose from.

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