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Vapour-phase Hydrogen Peroxide Systems

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) or Vapour-phase Hydrogen Peroxide Systems (VHP) as it’s more commonly known, has been used for many years as a contactless method of decontaminating cleanrooms and hospitals. It has also seen use most recently in indoor …

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Quality Cannabis Production | Workflow in Medicinal Cannabis Production

Well-designed cannabis production workflows can help business owners understand the benefits of efficient and secure operating procedures in Medicinal Cannabis cultivation and production/manufacturing.
When it comes to the production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products and extractions (medicinal marijuana products), errors are …


How to get QA buy-in to clean room turn down

Clean room turn down is a growing discussion in the Pharma industry and is usually reflected in corporate policy; if you google ‘sustainability’ and a top ten pharma company name, you’ll find taglines like GSK’s “Our Planet – Our …