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Past Forum Presentations

Past Forum Presentations are available from the 1st National Validation Forum in 2011, the forums started out as a not-for-profit, PharmOut-facilitated event that was supported by the TGA for the first two years and was then picked up by local industry. Support for the event has grown steadily each year and now includes both intra and international presentations within Australia and also in New Zealand and Hong Kong.

PharmOut has always had a proud knowledge sharing culture, this free download’s page is an example of this, you can find access to all the forum presentations from the past.  Our mindset is that when more knowledge available it gives rise to better-informed individuals who are then able to raise the standards in the industry.

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For the current Pharma and Device Forum

GMP Forum – 2023

GMP Forum – 2022

GMP, Engineering and Cannabis Forum – 2018

Australian National GMP Validation Forum – 2017

Australian National GMP Validation Forum – 2016

Australian and Hong Kong – National Validation Forums – 2015

Australian and New Zealand National Validation Forum – 2014

No National Validation Forum in 2013 (selected presentations available)

Australian National Validation Forum – 2012

Australian National Validation Forum – 2011

 Medicinal Cannabis Conferences

Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conference – 2019

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