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Medicinal Cannabis Consulting Services

PharmOut is Australia’s leading Medicinal Cannabis Consulting Firm. PharmOut, prides itself in being vendor agnostic and independent of any supplier solution. Instead, preferring to recommend the best solution for your company. Pharmout consultants are experts in GMP engineering, architecture, licencing and medicinal cannabis.

Medicinal Cannabis Consulting Services

Medicinal Cannabis Consulting Services

Pharmout has been the go-to expert consultancy group for GMP, Engineering, Architecture, Licencing and Medicinal Cannabis. PharmOut is based in Melbourne, Australia, but operates worldwide.

PharmOut is an international leader in medicinal cannabis consulting. Our cannabis consultants are experts in the cultivation, processing, extraction and wholesale distribution of medicinal cannabis. We can provide assistance from the earliest stages of your business through to exporting GMP or EU/GMP products to the global market for medicinal cannabis. PharmOut has helped clients with site selection, licensing through to facility and laboratory architecture, cultivation systems, cannabis crop processing, drying, storage and wholesale distribution.

ISO 9001 Quality Consultants

We also offer experienced ISO 9001 quality consultants who will work with you to create solutions that allow you and your teams to focus on what you do best – your core business.

With a team including experienced SharePoint developers, we have also developed an online QMS using Microsoft SharePoint. Most companies already have free or low cost access to SharePoint and its functionality is ideal for the forms, workflows and collaboration needed for a great Quality Management System or QMS.

We aim to replace your repetitive and non-value adding, outdated, paper-based quality management systems with simple, automated workflows, that can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

Cannabis Business Directory

As part of our aim to help companies facilitate GMP and EU GMP compliant cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis products grown in Australia, we have developed a brief Directory of Cannabis Consultancy businesses.

PharmOut prides itself in being vendor agnostic and independent of any supplier solution. Instead, preferring to recommend the best solution for your company.

We develop and document GMP and EU/GMP cultivation and production designs with an outcome objective; looking for solutions that are in the best interests of our clients. To help connect that Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry, we’ve listed external resources consisting of companies, vendors, suppliers, and sources of information all catered for the Medicinal Cannabis industry in Australia. If you would like to get involved or are already involved, you are welcome to contact us to send in your details to be added to the list.

On this list, you will find leading cannabis consulting firms and suppliers as well as our sister company, QikSolve.

  • QikSolve experts in electronic quality management systems based on SharePoint. QikSolve were established in 2014 to offer innovative and cost effective QMS solutions to manufacturing, transport and logistics industries operating within GMP or ISO regulated environments.
  • Pharmalytics is Australia’s newest GMP contract analytical testing service provider for the pharmaceutical, life science, clinical trial and veterinary industries. With state-of-the-art technology and techniques, and no tolerance for aging equipment, redundant processes or human error of any kind, the tiny differences between Pharmalytics and our competitors will make a world of difference to you, to your company, and your bottom line.
  • Hyten Co. California respects the cannabis craft. Top of the line extraction equipment, processes, and some good old experience allow for us to deliver consistency you can trust.
  • Modulab Systems is a subsidiary of Westlab Pty Ltd and specialises in the design, consultancy and supply of modular laboratory joinery packages for education, universities and industrial laboratory facilities.
  • Novachem is known for being a specialist supplier of consumables for research as well as organic and inorganic reference materials, stable isotopes and standards for forensic and environmental analysis. They also supply therapeutic cannabis products and cannabis reference materials for Quality Control testing. 
  • Royal Brinkman is a supplier, installer and consultant for the professional horticultural industry with over 130 years of experience. Located in Braeside Victoria our Australian office deals only to the commercial horticulture industry and specializes in Climate control, Hygiene management, Mechanization and Protected cropping supplies. With access to over 30,000 products including DryGair dehumidifier units, 30MHz wireless sensors, Nivola and Boon Hygiene stations,  the team at Royal Brinkman are the place to go for your Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation requirements.
  • Westlab Group is a manufacturer and importer of laboratory equipment and consumables. We are drive by three core motivators: creativity, speed and hassle-free supply. Westlab specialise in Laboratory benchtop equipment, high volumes consumables and other creative laboratory supplies.

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