Circular Project Management – The Right Management Spin

Circular Project Management sounds like it could very well reflect the real-life processes that take place during the life cycle of a new venture. Sometimes, designing and building manufacturing facilities can feel a bit like you’re on a merry-go-round.

“Round, round…” and dare I say it “…right round like a record, baby…”

Though obviously cringing at my long-drawn 80’s bow, PharmOut Director and Executive Consultant Trevor Schoerie does agree:

It might seem a little strange at first, but that’s just how successful projects should be perceived… and from the outset conceived.

Leading by example, Trevor explains that the PharmOut circular project management process welcomes the various symbioses inherently revolving within any project, from an underlying premise that all stakeholders contribute value to a successful project.

With a transparent, collective management approach that embraces the synergy of those stakeholders, the sum is invariably greater than the sum of its constituent parts and ultimately delivers cascading benefits to all parties.

Within a conscious culture of creativity, PharmOut assigns significant (real) value to the interaction between those stakeholders, and in doing so fundamentally fosters:

  • communication,
  • connectedness,
  • coordination, and
  • (cloud) collaboration.

By way of visual explanation, PharmOut’s model of the management of these relationships is intuitively a dynamic one, mapping the typically complex nature of A&E projects, and recognising the (vast number of) variables. In avoiding the ‘sharp corners’ of more rigid or static models, continuous cyclical monitoring addresses the changeability of projects. Trevor adds:

Imagine a camera lens, with its changing aperture, focusing on detail and then expanding the field to capture it’s context…

And in establishing the critically specific importance of site, context and brief, it rightly anchors the importance of client deliverables as the central component of the circular project management model:

Circular Project Management - Your ProjectAnd so, by being tangibly project-centric, iterative project activity functions take place within (the synchrony of) a series of concentric information streams (circular project management). This information is ‘filtered’ by way of exchange across a privacy gradient of shared boundaries. Again by way of analogy, we alternately visualise this approach as: 

“an organic kind of ‘breathing’, able to expand and contract with the project…”

As such, and of course as a function of time, PharmOut’s management approach inherently aligns with the “circular model” of (an) economy, correlating with principles including (but not limited to):

  • lean manufacturing,
  • reduction of (seven) waste/s,
  • theory of constraints,
  • (WHO) GMP compliance sequence,
  • quality management,
  • continuous improvement,
  • risk management,
  • lifecycle costing,
  • sustainable competitive advantage, and
  • sustainable material growth.

The-7-WastesThis wide-angled, holistic circular project management perspective enables PharmOut to be positioned at the leading edge of the shared creation and adoption of new technologies in pharmaceutical, hospital and sterile manufacturing facilities, which in turn heavily focuses on (best) capturing value for our clients.

In its unique development over the past 14 years or so, and with the strong, aligned support of clients and staff, PharmOut’s 360-degree view of project management allows for continuous evolution – and indeed revolution.

“Right round round round.”

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