GMP Contractors

GMP Contractors  or QA Specialists

PharmOut can supply a range of QA or GMP contractors at short notice.  If you need an experienced QA or GMP professional to complete a specific task or several contractors to support a major project, we can help you with well trained GMP professionals with experience in some or all of the following:

  • Engineering
  • Validation
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation

Typically, GMP contractors are used as a skilled pair of hands to actually get tasks done. If you need higher level advice on the best way to proceed in terms of GMP compliance or need strategic help on a  health/pharma/medical device project then you’ll need a GMP consultant.

Our GMP contractors can work either at your site or remotely in the PharmOut offices. They’ll have the whole PharmOut team of experts as backup for your project. If there’s a problem they can’t solve they can quickly tap the vast expertise of the consultants they work with (and they might even ask the Big Boss, Trev!).  You’ll be getting so much more than a single contractor working on your project.

One of the other advantages of a PharmOut GMP contractor is their experience from a multitude of other companies. Instead of being limited to only the experience you and your team have had in different organisations, PharmOut contractors have worked at a large number of companies, both in Australia and overseas. In each company they see processes and ideas that work well…and those that don’t. They can stop you from making the mistakes they’ve observed elsewhere and can suggest tested ideas you may not have thought of.

Here’s a typical scenario of how our customers use our GMP contractors:

Company X had a visit from a TGA auditor and he found a few things that need to be fixed. With everything else that is going on, they were finding it hard to gather the resources needed to get the outstanding audit findings sorted out.  They called PharmOut, desperate to get some skilled hands on deck to help them. We sent them three GMP contractors – each with different skill sets, based on what was needed to get the problems fixed. One helped with documentation for 6 weeks. The other two fixed the validation problems the auditor had identified. Each worked for only as long as they were needed, which kept costs under control. They were able to suggest other improvements to streamline compliance activities, based on their experience from other sites. This added real value to the project.

The GMP contractors we typically get asked for include:

Quality Assurance

If you need someone to replace a QA staff member who is on leave or to support remediation efforts after an audit or even extra QA resources for a major project, we can provide experienced Q ...

Validation Contractors

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Contract GMP Engineers

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GMP Temperature Mapping

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On-site Company Training

If you have multiple people to train or want to make sure that everyone has the same level of understanding, then our on-site group training classes are ideal. ...

GMP Technical Writers

Our GMP technical writing team is carefully recruited to not only provide you with an experienced technical writer who specialises in writing in plain language but who also bring GMP consulting strength to your project. ...