6 stage gates during the project
6 stage gates during the project

PharmOut offers a turn key medicinal cannabis design and compliance service as we have a full range of compliance, architectural and engineering services, and by working closely with our clients, we offer a full turn-key medicinal cannabis design (and compliance service). We provide guidance and advice from the start of your medicinal cannabis journey and by working closely with you we can leverage off our existing compliance and design pharmaceutical skills to ensure we fully specify your facility.

PharmOut use the industry recognised standard from the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers for our Project Management methodology, which provides 6 clear go / no go stages in all our engineering projects. We also use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D to help everyone visualise the facility by walking through the facility before the concrete is even poured.

Through engaging a holistic digital engineering methodology, PharmOut designs medicinal cannabis facilities from first principles and allows you to visualise all aspects of your process.

“Form follows function” within a lean facility design approach, with the layout being driven inherently by the process flows and intrinsically achieving the GMP objective of unidirectional flow.

Turn Key Medicinal Cannabis Design
Turn Key Medicinal Cannabis Facility Design

For example, this facility design, provides for 12 series of sequenced modules, the adjacency of which directly reflects the process steps. The resultant ‘U-shape’ flow provides for a singular point of facility control as the product moves from an inward receiving warehouse through growing, drying, manufacturing and packaging, and returning commonly to the secure vault and outward dispatch. In doing so, key factors such as security, product diversion and cross-contamination risks are significantly reduced, as part of a collective strategy of risk mitigation that is ‘designed into’ the layout.

How can PharmOut help?

PharmOut is a Registered Architectural Practice with Registered Building Practitioners, Engineers and compliance staff under one roof, can offer a full turnkey facility design, either bespoke to your rural setting or from our library of standard drop-in designs.

We can design the cultivation area, and the post-harvest processing areas including indoor cultivation or traditional greenhouse environments. PharmOut cannabis consultants can also help you with licensing applications, medicinal cannabis processing and regulatory requirements for GMP/EU GMP (PIC/S).

Our cannabis consultants include pharmaceutical facility design architects, cleanroom validation, testing and processing engineers, all of whom are experts in assisting cultivators and medicinal cannabis manufacturers with environmentally minded designs for efficiency and GMP compliance. Our compliance services include TGA GMP compliance and clinical trial services. Contact PharmOut with your enquiry or view our top 10 medicinal cannabis blogs.

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