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United Buildings – are they a solution in times of Crisis?

(Human) needs unquestionably shape the built environment – meaning that buildings are designed and constructed to meet people’s fundamental needs. What if these needs change suddenly for some completely unexpected reasons – such as a pandemic outbreak endangering the …


Large Isolated Building, Fire Loads and Fire Compartments

In general, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities (usually of Class 7 and 8) tend to occupy large areas and volumes (large isolated buildings), due to the nature of the operations (such as tall process equipment availability, high capacity storage, etc.). In …


Medihotels – Can Hotels Become Hospitals in Times of Crisis?

The Covid-19 pandemic has unquestionably highlighted the pressure placed on our healthcare systems through the rapid increase in the number of patients requiring intensive care. It has clearly evidenced the lack of available hospital beds and support services that …


Circular Project Management – The Right Management Spin

Circular Project Management sounds like it could very well reflect the real-life processes that take place during the life cycle of a new venture. Sometimes, designing and building manufacturing facilities can feel a bit like you’re on a merry-go-round.

“Round, …


Greentech 2020 in Amsterdam

Each year, the annual Greentech conference and exhibition brings together experts in the horticultural industry. Featured speakers at Greentech included top consultants in automated greenhouse designs, crop cultivation and GMP engineering, automation, light management, power-saving greenhouse designs, cultivation and …

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Quality Cannabis Production | Workflow in Medicinal Cannabis Production

Well-designed cannabis production workflows can help business owners understand the benefits of efficient and secure operating procedures in Medicinal Cannabis cultivation and production/manufacturing.
When it comes to the production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products and extractions (medicinal marijuana products), errors are …