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Circular Project Management – The Right Management Spin

Sometimes, designing and building manufacturing facilities can feel a bit like you’re on a merry-go-round.

“Round, round…” and dare I say it “…right round like a record, baby…”

Though obviously cringing at my long-drawn 80’s bow, …


Greentech 2020 in Amsterdam

Each year, the annual Greentech conference and exhibition brings together experts in the horticultural industry. Featured speakers at Greentech included top consultants in automated greenhouse designs, crop cultivation and GMP engineering, automation, light management, …


Potent Pharmaceutical Drugs – Containment Control Strategy

 Containment Control Strategy
A robust containment control strategy is essentials as a growing number of pharmaceutical products contain highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) that are capable of targeting disease selectively and more precisely than …

Clean Room Designers

PharmOut is a multi-disciplinary team of expert pharmaceutical architects and engineers, we are Australia’s leading pharmaceutical clean room designers, working for cosmetics manufacturers, non sterile and sterile pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world to provide …

Design and planning service for health science facilities

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility design constraints

In pharmaceutical manufacturing facility design constraints often exists between the limitations inherent in site constraints – the building “envelope”- and the pressure of intent to ‘open’ that envelope to maximise the floor area, in …

Project and construction management

Project and Construction Management

As an experienced and mostly client side pharmaceutical consultant, I’m often asked if a Project and Construction Management method is the best out of the following 3 project delivery methods,

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) / …