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Wireless Sensors in a GMP Environment

FDA inspection – 483 citation tracking

FDA Citation Tracking Tool Updated October 2022
I’m excited to share that QikSolve has helped us to update track and trend all the FDA inspection 483 citations from 20011 to 2021, the tool dynamically scrapes data from various live websites …


Passive Packaging – Lessons Learned

“We’ve got a new project for you. We’re going to replace our cold-chain account with passive packaging.”

It’s a notion I’ve heard many times before, but I will admit to having to abandon more passive packaging projects than I’ve completed …


Drug Safety Monitoring

Drug safety monitoring and overdose prevention
This is blog 7 of 10 blogs in the overdose awareness and overdose prevention series.

Drug safety monitoring is an important part of GMP/GxP compliance.
Drug safety monitoring includes pharmacovigilance as well as supply chain protection. …


Opioids and overdose risks

Synthetic opioids and overdose harms
This is blog 4 of 10 blogs in the overdose awareness and overdose prevention series.

What are synthetic opioids? And what are the risks of synthetic opioid overdoses and other harms?

Synthetic opioids are prescribed for …


Overdoses: Covid-19 and substance use harms

Substance use harms during Covid-19
This is blog 3 of 10 blogs in the overdose awareness and prevention series. 
Overdose risks: impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

What impact is the Covid-19 pandemic having on substance use rates?
Are changes in substance …


Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs

Diversion of drugs for non-medical use (NMU)
This is blog 1 of 10 blogs on the topic of non-medical use of prescription medicines and overdose risks. This blog is part of the series on drug overdose awareness and overdose prevention …

Staff Promotion

Eleanor Redding – Senior Consultant

PharmOut is delighted to announce that Eleanor Redding has been promoted to the role of Senior Consultant.

Eleanor has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and specialises in quality management systems, compliance and technical document writing. She has …


Greentech 2020 in Amsterdam

Each year, the annual Greentech conference and exhibition brings together experts in the horticultural industry. Featured speakers at Greentech included top consultants in automated greenhouse designs, crop cultivation and GMP engineering, automation, light management, power-saving greenhouse designs, cultivation and …