TGA Blood And Tissue Consultants

PIC/S, the EMA, the US FDA and the Australian TGA all publish regulations that govern human blood and tissue banks and processing plants. The challenge for individual companies is to navigate through this regulatory milieu, so they remain in compliance with their region’s applicable codes of Good Manufacturing Practice (current GMP) and other codes, regulations and requirements, depending on the range of their business.

PharmOut has extensive experience in the field of Biologicals, Blood And Tissue Banks and can help you meet your regulatory requirements.

PharmOut can help you meet the regulatory requirements. We have a demonstrable and proven track record in offering and delivering the following services:

  • Initial design and build of your facility
  • Validation and operation of Blood and Tissue banks
  • Biological manufacturing plants
  • Clean room design(s)

Blood and Tissue GMP Consulting

PharmOut can provide experienced Biologicals, Blood And Tissue GMP Consultants to help you navigate through all the regulatory requirements for the manufacture and processing of Biologicals.

Facility Design

If you are building a new facility or refurbishing an old one, it’s important to have the plans independently reviewed to ensure that they meet current GMP requirements.

GMP Compliance

To prepare for an official regulatory audit, it’s wise to have a pre-audit performed by one our consultants to check the GMP ‘health’ of your facility. This way you can find and address any problems you might have well in advance.

Project Management

If you’ve got a huge project looming in the distance and don’t know where to begin, we also offer project management services to help you get production up and running as well as complying with the relevant regulations.

Courses, GMP Training including Validation, CAPA and EU GMP (PICs)

PharmOut offers onsite courses as well as custom GMP or EU GMP training at nearby facilities. PharmOut also has a large collection of online GMP training modules (Certificate Course) and offers a variety of training options to suit your needs in the form of public courses, eLearning and on-site.

Training for Interim
QA Managers and
QA Staff

IIf you’re short on staff or resource-poor, we can help you find temporary or permanent staff with the specific technical skills and experience that you require to move forward.

Quality Management Systems for Blood and Tissue Banks

PharmOut offers a range of services and products aimed at delivering a QMS compliant to ICH Q10 for Blood and Tissue banks.


We offer a full range of validation services – from cleaning and process validation all the way to equipment and computer systems validation.

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