Greentech 2020 in Amsterdam

Each year, the annual Greentech conference and exhibition brings together experts in the horticultural industry. Featured speakers at Greentech included top consultants in automated greenhouse designs, crop cultivation and GMP engineering, automation, light management, power-saving greenhouse designs, cultivation and cleanroom engineering and sustainable agriculture. The event was well attended including global experts in sustainable medicinal cannabis cultivation and CBD extraction and GMP.

This year’s Greentech conference covered a variety of hot topics in the horticulture sectors.

Attendees at the 2019 event learned about herbal medicines and cannabis crop protection and yield management, the latest horticultural greenhouse architecture for sustainable agriculture, watering automation and other engineering advances, crop protection techniques and LED automation/light management. Conference coverage also included high-tech climate control tools, in-demand heating solutions and various water-management technologies; screens and other shading installations; crop enhancement techniques, growth-stage research and other greenhouse automation technologies and engineering innovations.

PharmOut’s Managing Director, Trevor Schoerie, attended Greentech again in 2019.

Looking forward to PharmOut’s participation again for the upcoming Greentech 2020 conference being held in June 2020

PharmOut is an established organisation with global consultancy expertise in Pharmaceutical engineering and facility designs, automation, validation, audits, high-tech cannabis crop cultivation and GMP training courses.  Their GMP, design and engineering consultancy services are increasingly in demand with pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, medicinal cannabis export businesses and others working in the burgeoning cannabis and hemp sectors (click here for market growth predictions for 2020-2024).


The Greentech 2020 conference in Amsterdam (Rai)

Next year’s 2020 Greentech exhibition and conference (8-10 June 2020) will offer attendees:

  • a unique opportunity to learn from other individuals with proven expertise in growing medicinal plants (pharmaceutical-grade cannabis)
  • the latest innovations in horticulture businesses
  • vertical indoor farming and organic farming
  • horticulture and agricultural industry changes and technological advancements (industry disruption)
  • greenhouse engineering innovations including automation, LEDs, DLI/lighting controls and water management
  • medicinal cannabis cultivation – high tech solutions for crop managers, growers and exporters
  • horticulture advances for flowers, fruits, vegetables and trees

Attendees at Greentech are privy to inspirational lectures, expert panel discussions and exhibitions from hundreds of horticultural industry innovation experts around the world.

One of the intriguing features was a medicinal cannabis pavilion (the medicinal cannabis experience).

Based on what we’ve seen in 2019, the 2020 Greentech conferences and exhibitions will revolve around how innovation, automation and technological disruption is changing the face of horticulture across the world. The new, rapidly growing sector of medicinal cannabis will be an increasingly popular draw card for attendees.

When is Greentech 2020 being held?  June 8-10th, 2020 in Amsterdam.

Greentech 2019 was held June 11-13th 2019. Greentech 2020 is being held on the 8th to 10th of June 2020. Here are the details about the Greentech 2020 Conference.

Where is the Greentech conference being held in 2020? Amsterdam (Rai Amsterdam)

About the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre in Amsterdam, Venue for Greentech 2020

Greentech 2020 is being held in Amsterdam at the Rai (South Amsterdam), one of the world’s busiest international exhibition and conference centres. The Rai Amsterdam opened in 1961 and is located in South Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Contact information for the RIA Amsterdam:  Address: Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, P.O. Box 77777, NL 1070 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands – Rai Amsterdam Phone:  +31 (0)20 549 12 12

Venue for Greentech 2020 - Rai-Amsterdam-directions: and location Venue-Greentech-2020-is-Rai-Amsterdam-location

What were some of the topics covered in this year’s annual Greentech horticultural conference?

2020 Horticulture Conferences – Greentech Amsterdam

Where are the dates for the next GreenTech conference in 2020?

You can also register for the upcoming annual GMP & Engineering Forum: The Future of Pharma being held in Melbourne, Australia (22-23 July 2019 with Masterclasses being held on 24 July 2019).

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Published June 18, 2019.

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