The 5 P's of GMPs

What are the 5 Key Components of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?

At PharmOut, with decades of practical experience we understand the critical importance of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in ensuring the consistent quality and safety of products across manufacturing industries. Based on our experience we believe that GMP is actually an acronym for Gross Mistake Prevention.

We believe in the 5 P’s of GMP – Products, Processes, Procedures, Premises and lastly, People – to guarantee strict adherence to quality standards throughout the production process.

The 5 P’s of GMPs


Constant testing, comparison, and quality assurance are crucial steps in the product lifecycle to ensure they meet the desired standards before reaching consumers. All primary materials, including raw products and other components, should have clearly defined specifications at every production phase. Standard methods for packing, testing, and allocating sample products should be adhered to, ensuring consistency and quality at all times.


Clear, consistent, and well-documented processes are essential to effective GMP. These documented processes should be made accessible to all employees, and regular evaluations should be conducted to ensure compliance and alignment with the organization’s quality standards.


Procedures, defined as a set of guidelines for performing a critical process or a part of a process, play a pivotal role in achieving consistent results. All employees must be familiar with these procedures and follow them diligently. Any deviation from standard procedures should be immediately reported, thoroughly investigated, and adequately addressed to prevent compromise on product quality.


The condition and maintenance of premises directly influence product quality. Premises should be maintained clean at all times to prevent cross-contamination, accidents, or other undesirable outcomes. Equipment placement, proper storage, and regular calibration are crucial to ensure their optimal functionality and reliability, thereby producing consistent results and preventing equipment failure risks.


A company’s personnel form the foundation of successful GMP implementation. All employees are expected to strictly follow manufacturing processes and regulations. To ensure this, we recommend regular GMP training for all employees to enhance their understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and the importance of their contributions to product quality and safety. Regular performance assessments further aid in boosting productivity, efficiency, and competency.

These 5 P’s of GMP sum up our design philosophy and process, start with the product volumes, the product mix and the understand the expansion over the forward periods. The product type informs the design and ultimately the facility operation, read about our staged Quality By Design approach.

At PharmOut, we are committed to fostering a deep understanding and effective implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice. By paying attention to the 5 P’s of GMP – Products, Processes, Procedures, Premises and People, we can ensure the creation of products that meet and exceed the standards of quality and safety that our consumers expect and deserve.

PharmOut is here and able with a proven track record to assist and guide you through each step of your GMP journey, especially if you are starting from scratch. Contact Us.