Services – Architectural, Engineering, GMP, QA and Validation

Architectural, Engineering, GMP, QA and Validation Services

Architectural, Engineering, GMP, QA and Validation Services

PharmOut offers a range of Architectural, Engineering, GMP, QA  and Validation services to Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary manufacturing industries so that they can meet the required relevant regulatory standards. PharmOut also has a proven track record of delivering successful projects for the food, dairy and cosmetics manufacturing industries and can offer expertise on a fee for service basis or a fixed price basis. PharmOut staff frequently share their knowledge in blogs.

Auditing Services

Our auditing options cover GMP Compliance, Regulatory Inspections and Post-Audit Remediation Programs – all to TGA, FDA and EMEA standards.

Continuous Improvement Consulting Services

PharmOut can show you how to apply processes such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma within the regulatory constraints of the Pharma industry.

GMP Contractors

If you are resource-poor and need experienced, professional GMP contractors to get a job done, we can supply contractors with a range of GMP skills and knowledge.

GMP Consulting Services

We provide GMP consulting services that are based on relevant, cost-effective and practical compliance – not just compliance without regard to business demands!

GMP Technical Writers

Our GMP technical writing team is carefully recruited to not only provide you with an experienced technical writer but a writer who also brings GMP consulting strength to your project.

Healthcare and GMP Facility Design

PharmOut can deliver a GMP facility design that is not only compliant but also streamlines your manufacturing processes and includes Lean and World Class manufacturing concepts.

Interim QA Managers and GMP Staff

If you’re resource poor we can help you finding temporary or permanent staff with specific technical skills and experience to support your manufacturing and site activities.

Pharma 4.0 Consultants

Our Pharma 4.0 consultants can help with your Industry 4.0 initiatives in Big Data, Additive Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot), all referred to as Industry 4.0.

Pharmaceutical and GMP Consulting Engineers

Our Engineers like to get a strong grasp of your pharmaceutical processes before they start designing in order to avoid shoe-horning a process into a suboptimal building.

Project Management

We offer project management services that can help you get from the initial idea all the way to commencing production while complying with the required regulations.

TGA Regulatory Affairs Consultants

We can offer registration strategies and assistance to companies who wish to supply products to the Australian market but are unfamiliar with the regulatory requirements.

Validation Services

Our engineers offer a wide range of validation services that cover cleaning and process validation all the way to SharePoint and computer systems validation.