ISO 14644 and Cleanrooms


How to get QA buy-in to clean room turn down

Clean room turn down is a growing discussion in the Pharma industry and is usually reflected in corporate policy; if you google ‘sustainability’ and a top ten pharma company name, you’ll find taglines like GSK’s “Our Planet – Our …

Clean Room Designers

Clean Room Designers

PharmOut is a multi-disciplinary team of expert pharmaceutical architects and engineers, we are Australia’s leading pharmaceutical clean room designers, working for cosmetics manufacturers, non sterile and sterile pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world to provide Architecture and Engineering services.

Manufacturers, often …

3 way cleanroom door

Cleanroom design – simple solutions to complex problems

I want an innovative cleanroom design, the use of the word “innovation” is perhaps the most overused ‘buzz’ word in the design and documentation of health sciences facilities, the intent is certainly not over-used, in the sense of the …

clean room check list

Clean Room Design Checklist

This quick clean room design checklist is part of a number of free suggestions, tools or tips put together by our (frustrated) staff to try circumvent a poor clean room design.
1. Stakeholder consultations
Has everyone who has a stake in …


Take the 2016 GMP or the Clean Room quiz

How familiar are you with the common concepts of GMP? If you feel you are up to the challenge, test your knowledge by taking the GMP Quiz Master challenge, if you are brave enough, login and leave your details, …

autoclave detector

Air Detectors in a GMP environment

What are they and where did they come from?
Air detectors were first developed in the textiles industry where autoclaves are used in a process called ‘heat setting’ for yarns and synthetic fibres such as nylon.

In the textiles industry, autoclaves …