Take the 2016 GMP or the Clean Room quiz

How familiar are you with the common concepts of GMP? If you feel you are up to the challenge, test your knowledge by taking the GMP Quiz Master challenge, if you are brave enough, login and leave your details, or you can do the test anonymously.

Want to read “The story of Joe and his Christmas clean room“?

Want to use Joe’s Clean Room Check list? To prevent a Joe-like disaster, make sure you consider all the following points when designing or building a clean room for health care products or ask your clean room builder about these points. 15 design considerations to help you get a better clean room, or ask your builder to take the clean room quiz if you don’t use PharmOut.

There are a number of other great blogs on clean room and their proper design.

Other posts about clean rooms – A basic clean room,  clean room explained in simple terms, 15 things you should never see in a clean room, 12 deadly clean room sins, what is your clean room costing you, optimising your clean room, getting QA buy in, now you know it all, take the clean room quiz.

2016 GMP playing cards

These engaging playing cards contain information that that relate to PIC/S, United States (US) and European (EU) regulatory codes, so they are applicable to most countries.

The GMP playing cards contain 54 cards made up of 48x GMP quiz playing cards, 4x reference cards and 2x joker cards.

2016 Safety playing cards

“Safety” playing cards contain 54 cards made up of 48x safety quiz playing cards, 4x reference cards and 2x joker cards – be warned, they are a bit corny!

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