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Training staff in good manufacturing practice, or GMP is more than just running an annual GMP training course for managers, engineers and operators. PharmOut are focused on the pharmaceutical, medical device and veterinary industry, and as Australia’s leading provider of GMP training, we need to consider why are we training in GMP in the first place? Sure, it is a regulatory requirement, but how to make this effective or productive and a value adding activity is the key.

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A Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS) ensures that products are consistently designed and produced in accordance with the control strategy to meet specific quality standards. It is accepted the PQS, Quality by Design thinking, validation and training minimize the risks involved in the pharmaceutical production that are not be eliminated through testing the final product. GMP Pharmaceutical Training has a direct link to final product quality.

The world of Learning and Development has changed forever, never before have content creators so willing share this much value for free, we are no different, just look at our website under free tools, or information available from regulatory sites, such as the US FDA, MHRA or TGA.

As a GMP training provider, we have never had better, or a greater challenge, so much online content free, including YouTube videos, webinars and Online GMP Training.

To help professionals be better versions of themselves as long as they are willing to put in the effort to listen and be curious, there is a widening chasm between curious people who are learning a lot and leading, and then there are masses of people who have been seduced into watching screens and are falling ever further behind.

What is GMP training going to look like in future?

At the end on 2015, PharmOut strategically decided to more to paperless training, we found that we could almost halve the cost of our courses and our average feedback scores improved from 4.4 to 4.6 out of 5 for all courses ran in 2015 to 2016.

We have continued on our path of disrupting staid and dry, boring pharmaceutical training, since 2011, we have used live audience feedback via KeyPoint technology, in 2016 we adopted Glisser (french for slide), the old chalk and talk, or death by PowerPoint is being complimented or replaced, GMP training needs to merge with these new technologies to be effective.

In late 2016, we pioneered the concept of a “LearnOut”, CAPA LearnOut’s for example involve, asking client staff to select the most difficult or costly CAPA and then work shopping the Root Cause Analysis (RCA), we have a 3 way benefit, the problem gets solved, the trainee gains a new skill set and most importantly there is no catch up the next day. We have successfully applied this to Technical Writing – BYO SOP, Validation, BYO protocol etc.

We still offer the old school Validation and GMP training courses on your site or at an offsite location so costs can be shared by others, increasingly the courses are complimented with our online, (run on a dedicated and validated server) i.e. on-demand eLearning GMP training courses which you can do at your leisure anywhere in the world.

Whilst often people may think that GMP stands for Get More Paper, our professional trainers can help make your training day interesting as they share their practical in the trenches experiences. For example, we can explain that every GMP must have a unique ID, numbers page xx of yy, or we can just explain it needs to survive a “Drop Test”!

Our GMP and Validation consultants or ex regulators frequently offer compliance / GMP training in the region with regular training courses around Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Once a year, we invite international experts to assist our in house professionals to deliver “cutting edge” GMP thinking. Undoubtedly the US FDA and EU regulators are GMP thought leaders, and whilst our own staff frequently attend master training in the US and EU, it is the practical experiences our consultants gain from doing projects in these regions. The annual National GMP and Validation Forum is usually held in July each year, to hear from industry experts and other thought leaders why not come along, given the history of the event and initial TGA involvement, its very competitively priced.

Current GMP training courses

Current courses are offered in Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, other countries / cities can be organised on an as needed basis, please contact us to discuss.

We will be delighted to work with suppliers to offer our expertise and access to our network should you wish to run an educational training event.


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