Technical Writing Training Course – Procedures, SOPs and Instructional Materials

Technical Writing Training Course – Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Ideal for tech writers in various industries, including GMP SOPs for compliance as well as other businesses and instructional writers

Overview of the Technical Writing Courses – Australia wide – public courses or onsite training course options

Well written operating procedures (SOPs) help employees, contractors and end-users understand information the first time they read or hear it.  A well-written standard of operation document needs to be clear, detailed and useful; as well as up-to-date when platforms/systems, procedures, products, reporting structures and end-user technology changes.

Are you up to date with technical writing skills? Training Options

Who doesn’t want to improve compliance, shorten induction time and reduce deviations caused by confusing procedures?  Or if you’re working in another area of business, you might be writing instructions for end-users, researchers, clients and/or university academics.


Standard Operating Procedures and Technical Writing

Compliance with quality standards means your technical documents need to be well-written — clear, detailed and easy to understand and implement.

If you are asked to write SOPs as part of your job role would you like some straightforward guidance on where to start and how to write? This one-day SOP Technical Writing Training Course is regularly offered in Auckland, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. It is designed to provide guidance for writing GMP-compliant SOPs and other operating procedures or instructions.

Technical Writing Course | Outline of the Tech Writing Training

Upon completion of this technical writing training course, participants will:

  • understand the difference between procedural and instructional information
  • learn techniques for presenting complex information
  • know how to incorporate modern learning techniques into documents and reduce the documentation errors caused by ill-designed documents
  • understand the role of the technical writer and how the role relates to document reviewers and documentation Approval processes
  • understand the importance of good documentation practices (GDocP)
  • know how to map processes and author effective, SOPs and other work instructions
  • understand the  requirements for documentation formats, templates and documentation systems


Tech Writing Training Course materials

  • Participants of the SOP Technical Writing Training Course will receive a copy of the presentation(s), relevant notes and workshop materials.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be issued to technical writing training participants who successfully complete the assessment within the required time frame.

Who should attend this training course in Technical Writing?

This 1-Day technical writing training course is ideal for:

  • Anyone working in a writing or technical writing position
    • including experienced SOP writers
    • new graduates/University students
    • writing-industry job-seekers
  • GMP industry employees who write SOPs or want to transition into an SOP writing position / technical writing position
  • Business leaders looking to review their quality management system (QMS) document structure to improve procedure usability
  • Medical Sciences professionals, manufacturing engineers, Academics, post-graduates and others with writing responsibilities particularly in the bio-sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device or veterinary medicines industries but also applicable for a wide range of industries where technical writing and SOP writing skills are required

Technical Writing Course Price:

AUD$500.00 + 10% GST Full Day Virtual Training

AUD$550.00 + 10% GST Full Day Classroom Training

Prices are per person and include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. (Note: Excluded for virtual training sessions)

Register for the SOP Technical Writing Training Course below:

We also offer onsite courses to 10 or more for your employees, Academics, researchers, University staff and students (researchers and graduates).

If you need any assistance, would like a quote for personalised group training at your site or a nearby facility — or if you have a general technical writing training question — don’t hesitate to contact us at one of our offices around the world.

Event Venue Date
SOP Technical Writing Workshop Virtual Virtual Training
  • 27-Jun-2024 9:00 am