New 2016 GMP Quiz

A New Year a New GMP quiz!

You’ve probably already done the old quiz, so test your updated GMP knowledge with the latest PharmOut 2016 GMP quiz.

All new questions have been developed as well and a …

Plan Do Check Act - CAPA

Maintaining Control of your CAPA system

Often, companies find themselves inundated with open CAPAs. This is most commonly experienced in the aftermath of an audit, where the CAPA system is used to document the issues that are identified, the investigations, the execution of corrective and/or preventative actions, and finally the closures.

10 tips for writing user friendly SOPs

10 Tips for Writing User-friendly SOPs

In this blog I would like to share my 10 tips for writing user friendly SOPs as part of your GMP Pharmaceutical Quality System.

The other day I was informed by a client that no-one …