Medicinal Cannabis Quality Management System

Medical Cannabis Quality Management System Templates

Since 2006, PharmOut has been a leading provider of highly regarded and coveted Quality Management Systems (QMS) template packs. Purchasing is simple and facilitated through our online shop – a simple click here, pay …

PIC/S GMP Documentation Tips

What you need to know about PIC/S GMP Documentation
The TGA’s announcement of its intention to adopt PIC/S GMP PE 009-13 as of 31 December this year means Australian GMP manufacturers need to review their …

10 tips to improve your quality management system

Quality Management System Documents
A well written document with a comprehensive and well designed Quality Management System (QMS) can be a manager’s best friend. They are our daily guidance and instructions for our staff, the ‘go …

pics tablets

PIC/S GMP – 3 reasons why you should care

1. Over 70% of world drugs are produced in PIC/S GMP facilities (member countries or companies)
With the US FDA joining PIC/S in 2011 and many other agencies in the queue, compliance with the PIC/S …


Embracing an electronic quality management system

Electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) have gained increasing popularity within the healthcare industry over the last decade. The following diagram shows the various processes for which management, communication and workflows can be automated via the use of an eQMS

Plan Do Check Act - CAPA

Maintaining Control of your CAPA system

Often, companies find themselves inundated with open CAPAs. This is most commonly experienced in the aftermath of an audit, where the CAPA system is used to document the issues that are identified, the investigations, the execution of corrective and/or preventative actions, and finally the closures.

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10 Tips for Writing User-friendly SOPs

The other day I was informed by a client that no-one on their site reads procedures and the only function SOPs performed was ticking a compliance check-box. In my experience this says more about …