MHRA Annual GMP Symposium, 2012

National GMP & Validation Forum 2016

A Better Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry by Design – the National GMP & Validation Forum

mr frank maguire opening gmp validation forum

We were thrilled to have this years Validation Forum opened by the Honorable Mr Frank Maguire, Member for Broadmeadows. Frank said that he “wanted to be remembered the rise of CSL, not the demise of Ford”.  This statement resonated with every one of the 150 attendees. This year, consultants, manufacturers and sponsors were fantastic in supporting the event. I think everyone appreciated that there was just so much truth in Mr Maguire’s statement as it seems most of Australian manufacturing is heading off shore, but fortunately, the highly skilled and complex manufacturing processes are being retained in Australia, like the pharmaceutical industry and innovation.

Going Paperless

As part of PharmOut’s paperless drive, we used an innovative presentation tool, the audience feedback was incredibly positive, they could follow the presentations slide by slide, they could ask questions, the most voted for questions were then answered in the Q&A. We plan to use this in the 2017 forum and our ongoing training as PharmOut goes paperless and pursues an innovation culture by being early adopters of technology.

During the presentations, attendees used their personal smart devices, followed each slide, and when permitted by the presenter, download the PDF at the end of the presentation. In case you missed the presentations on the day, we will loading the presentation onto the PharmOut site in due course.

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