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PIC/S launch new website

PIC/S have just released a new, responsive website that allows for easy viewing on both desktop and mobile devices. The website reflects the change from the black and white PIC/S logo to the red, blue and white tones. The layout of the site is more intuitive and new sections include members only access to the PIC/S Inspectorates’ Academy (PIA) which is a web-based educational centre which aims to harmonise and standardise GMP training at an international level.
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Thailand FDA to become 49th Participating Authority member

The PIC/S Committee recently met on 4-5 July 2016 in Manchester, where they invited Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) to join the Scheme as from 1 August 2016.

Thailand FDA structure

The infrastructure of the Thai FDA from their website, officially consists of two main groups. First, the Health Product Control Division group consists of the Bureau of Cosmetic and Hazardous Substances Control, and five other divisions:

  • Drug Control,
  • Food Control,
  • Medical Devices Control,
  • Narcotics Control and
  • Import and Export Inspection.

Secondly, the Support Division group consists of three divisions:

  1. Public and Consumer Affairs,
  2. Rural and Local Consumer Health Products Protection Promotion,
  3. Technical and Planning, and the Office of the Secretary.

In addition, six internal units have been established to perform particular tasks:

  • Information Technology Centre;
  • Food and Drug Legal Group;
  • Public Sector Development Group;
  • Internal Audit Group;
  • Complementary Health Product Group, and
  • Community Health Product Quality Improvement Coordinating Centre.

Congratulations to PIC/S and Thai FDA on another milestone to international regulatory convergence. We at PharmOut are sure that industry will start reaping the benefits soon.

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