Pharmaceutical Conference

2017 Pharmaceutical Conference

The focus on innovation continued into the 2017 pharmaceutical conference as we shared ideas and experiences around industry hot topics and some new concepts like Industry 4.0. Included topics in 2017 were Data Integrity, Quality Metrics, PIC/S Version 13 – Part 1, Annex 11 and Annex 15 and the massive changes for industry. Thank you to the participants, presenters and sponsors in making the 2017 Pharmaceutical Conference, focusing on Engineering, GMP and Validation Forum thoroughly enjoyable.

The feedback from many attendees was that the 7th Forum was the best Pharmaceutical Conference yet! So make sure you make it to the conference in 2018!

As in past years, there will be 3 main tracks –

1 – Non sterile manufacturing (PIC/S Version 13)

Following the well supported training on PIC/S version 13, we have honed our points to consider, and now have many practical tips.

2 – Sterile manufacturing and the new Annex 1

Sterile Manufacturing and Points to Consider, emerging RM methods.

3 – Engineering and Architecture

This was the 3rd year PharmOut will have a dedicated track for Engineers by Engineers and a few Architects too. Suppliers and industry presented on designing and building tablet plants, sterile manufacturing plants and a special session on Complementary Medicines manufacturing plants.

Sharing the presentations from the conference

This forum started out on a not for profit basis, the undertaking was always to share knowledge and innovate where possible. We can share the presentations (the ones we are allowed to) on our website when ready, as we have done for the last 7 years. Interested in past presentations or free tools.

Interested in joining us next year?

Date: 23-24 July 2018
Start time: 8:30 a.m. for 9:00 a.m. start
Venue: Novotel on Collins, 270 Collins Street, Melbourne (Book now)

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