Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Consultant joins PharmOut

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Consultant

PharmOut’s medicinal cannabis consultants utilise strategic site selection, facility architecture, cleanroom designs, cultivation automation and climate controls, and other cutting-edge equipment to enhance crop value and reduce medicinal cannabis cultivation and GMP and EU GMP pharmaceutical production costs.

PharmOut has a team of Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation, Compliance, Architectural and Engineering consultants.

For Courses in Commercial-Scale Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), New Zealand and South Africa, click here.

Or contact us for confidential cannabis industry consultancy from site selection to facility designs to licence applications and SOPs to GMP and GACP compliance training for your cultivation and production employees.

Our team of internationally-experienced medicinal cannabis business consultants have expertise in:

  • ODC licencing applications
  • Licencing and permit requirements for all stages of medicinal cannabis manufacturing
  • TGA applications and GMP / EU GMP requirements
  • plant physiology
  • biology
  • genetics/strain selection
  • biochemistry
  • facility and cultivation system design, horticultural lighting and other equipment specification, genetics, and GACP and GMP certified workflows

In short, all GMP and GACP medicinal cannabis cultivation-related matters and problems our industry partners may face.

Business News Australia article listing Top 20 Cannabis Companies mentions PharmOut as one of the cannabis industry’s important cannabis consultancy firms (facilitator/site designs, facility engineering/GMP consultancy)

PharmOut consultants are working on numerous Medicinal Cannabis facilities around the world.

We have active projects from Australia to Zimbabwe (and Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa), designing, building, validating and helping operate.

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