Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Courses

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Courses

Courses: Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Courses including Regulatory Requirements

Our medicinal cannabis cultivation training courses are designed for cultivators and manufacturers based in Australia, New Zealand or Southern Africa (South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and surrounds). These medicinal cannabis training sessions can assist companies to navigate regulatory compliance requirements and other complexities of cannabis cultivation operations.

The considerable regulatory burden in medicinal cannabis cultivation and production can be a challenge for companies, even organisations with considerable international cultivation and manufacturing experience. That’s because the cultivation techniques and regulatory systems are very different compared to those cultivation systems most operators are accustomed to, e.g. in terms of herbal medicine cultivation processes, GMP/PICS and record-keeping requirements, quality assurance, cannabis licencing and permit requirements.

As you design, build, validate and operate your Medicinal Cannabis facility, you will bump into a host of additional red tape and practical problems in addition to the choice of an economic production model.

Ideal cannabis facility design choices vary greatly with climatic choices, for example, consider two extremes, the poles vs the equator.

To solve challenges facing businesses entering the cannabis cultivation sector, the 1-day Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course helps solve these difficult design decisions.

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Courses

  • Course locations and dates can be found below; including cannabis cultivation and GMP/EU GMP training in South Africa, Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) and Auckland, New Zealand.
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This 1-day Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course provides attendees with a host of practical cannabis facility design and cultivation tips. For most locations, there’s a 2nd day available for GACP/GMP.

It is a must-attend for anyone considering entering the medicinal cannabis sector. These courses are offered regularly in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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Medicinal Cannabis Course Agenda and Learning Objectives (PharmOut)

The Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course will cover the following topics including:

  • Licensing, permitting and GMP approvals
  • Practical suggestions on workflow requirements for an effective Facility Design
  • Crop management and risks
  • Efficiency in designs, final product packaging
  • Security and safety
  • An overview of GACP / GAP/GDP and more!

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training including GMP/GACP

What you will learn in the 1-Day Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Course (Day 1 – Industry Overview)

  1. Introduction – market requirements / regulations
  2. Plant botany and plant requirements
  3. Stages of cannabis cultivation and production
  4. Grow / facility design decisions
  5. Lighting & Power
  6. Water & Nutrients IPM – Integrated Pest Management
  7. Genetics, Mother Plants and Clone
  8. Cultivation
  9. Post-Harvest
  10. Staff & Management Safety, Security and Cleanliness

Our focus on architectural design options to maximize your cultivation outcomes

  • Facility design: – Indoor vs Greenhouse vs Outdoor
  • Internal considerations: water, electric, neighbors, climate, soil reports, NO drywall , supplemental light, charcoal vs HEPA filter system, GH roof/shade options, floor drains, roof height, flex-space, delivery/shipping, inventory, UVC sterilization, light options, light sensitivity, floor finish, bench/tray design, trellis.
  • Climate: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VPD, air movement
  • Irrigation: Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Drip, RO systems – TDS, pH, etc
  • Lighting/plant zone– LED, HPS, MH, CMH, greenlight, incandescent
  • Vertical Farm: Systems/considerations

What you will learn in the subsequent Cannabis Industry Training Course (Day 2 – Regulation Overview)

The course is often held the day after the 1-Day Medicinal Cultivation Course. This second day is focused on regulatory requirements, to provide participants with an understanding of:

  • Which licencing, GACP, GMP regulatory requirements apply to your specific operations
  • The practical application of the GACP and GMP objectives for facility design, construction and commissioning
  • The requirements of PIC/S, EU GMP and other international GMPs, and its application in the Medicinal Cannabis workplace

Cannabis Course materials and Training Certificates

  • Participants will receive a copy of relevant notes and workshop materials.
  • A certificate of completion for each module will be issued to participants who successfully complete the online assessment.

Course Assessment

  • A written assessment is conducted at the end of the day.


  • The Medicinal Cultivation Training Course is a combination of lecture-style learning and active practical activities with participants working in small groups on assigned tasks.

Cost of Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course

1-Day Course Price: AUD $550.00 + 10% GST per attendee per training day

Price per person includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (not applicable to Virtual Training).

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