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The Future of Pharma and Regulatory Changes | TGA | GMP

Future of Pharma: This page provides an overview of GMP & Engineering Forum and manufacturing industry networking events.  Click on the links below for information on the upcoming National GMP Forum and other industry-leading training options.

Register for the 2020 Australian National GMP Forum and networking events in Melbourne (March 2021).

GMP Updates and training options:

Review available GMP training options.

PharmOut’s National GMP Forums are open to the public.  Registrations required.

  • These events are popular for information sharing, think tank brainstorming, networking and staying up to date about GMP in highly regulated industries.
  • It is best to attend both days of the Forum due to the depth of content being delivered on both days.
  • A must-attend event for manufacturing industry professionals facing unprecedented changes due to technological advances including automation and artificial intelligence in manufacturing and validation, new generation medicines/manufacturing, data integrity, data security, validation, TGA audits and other advances and changes impacting GMP industries.

This annual National GMP Forum is designed for attendees from Asia-Oceania-Pacific regions and includes GMP experts traveling to Australia from other countries.

Future of Pharma:  2020 National GMP Forum information page – reserve your place.

Why attend the annual National GMP Forum?

Topics | Innovative technology and the impact of technological advances on Pharma

We live in a fast-changing environment, where adaptability and pro-active responses to rapid changes in manufacturing, processing and exportation are required.

  • So what are the Pharma 4.0 innovations we can expect, including how this changes systems and GMP reporting?
  • What are the latest TGA inspection trends and audit findings?
  • How can industry professionals adapt more readily, and positively, to the rapid influx of changes that will impact our production processes and manufacturing costs?

Who should attend?

Who will benefit from attending the National GMP Forums and Future of Pharma networking events and training series?

Medical Device Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Industry professionals; Herbal Medicine Cultivation and Manufacturing personnel, people working in Veterinary Medicine manufacturing, Pharmaceutical experts, Process and Facility Design Engineers, Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Operators or Licence Holders and Pharma 4.0 Industry thought leaders.

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Future of Pharma and GMP including engineering innovations

“The greatest opportunities for innovation exists in the oldest and newest industries,” notes Trevor Schoerie

GMP Forum History and Recent Events

These industry-leading forums were originated to facilitate innovative practices and innovation in manufacturing and Pharma 4.0.

The focus of our events is to impart knowledge about the latest impacts of technological changes and other innovations, adaptations and continuous improvement topics in the fields of manufacturing, quality assurance, quality risk management, quality management systems and PIC/S GMP compliance audits.

The 9th Annual National GMP Forum was held in Melbourne from 22 July 2019-23 July 2019.

  • Details:  Presentations from International Experts and Australia’s top thought leaders in GMP, including Panel Discussions and Masterclass options.
  • Topics included TGA inspection trends, validation life cycles, and regulatory and manufacturing innovations and changes to reporting requirements.
  • Venue/Location for 2019: Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne.

Past Event Speakers | 2019 National GMP Forum

Featured presenters at last year’s 2019 GMP Forum in Melbourne included:

  • Gordon Farquharson (Critical Systems, UK)
  • Jim Cannon (Mettler Toledo, USA)
  • Annette Grundy (Baxter Healthcare)
  • Damien Jovica (Redstack)
  • Trevor Schoerie (PharmOut)
  • Anniina Uotila (Vaisala, USA)
  • Experts from the TGA
  • Other industry experts in engineering, innovation and continuous improvement initiatives

Hot manufacturing and quality management industry topics covered at our annual National GMP Forums in Australia include:

Highlights of the 2019 National GMP Forum

Past event information – 2019 National GMP Forum and Masterclasses   Last year’s 2-Day GMP Forum was all about the future, and 2020 is about new technologies and industry trends that have impact on manufacturing, engineering, facility designs, GMP training, regulatory audits, GMP compliance failure areas (PIC/S audits) and more.

The 9th Annual National GMP Forum, featuring ‘future of pharma‘ innovation discussions and unique Masterclass options for Day 3, was held in July 2019.  Pharmaceutical and GMP Manufacturing Professionals are encouraged to submit registrations for the 2020 GMP Forum event being held in August (Melbourne) as soon as possible to update their awareness of industry changes impacting the future of manufacturing industries including the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical device/veterinary medicine manufacturing (Pharma 4.0).

The Forum featured presentations and expert panel discussions on the latest technological advances currently impacting manufacturing and pharmaceutical production businesses. Topics include validation across the life cycle, increasing supply-chain reporting demands, and the impacts of new-generation medicines and bio-medical testing and device manufacturing technologies on GMP.  There were also Masterclasses covering exciting industry changes, such as critical systems decisions, new high-growth sectors in Australia (e.g., medicinal cannabis) and how to use innovative problem-solving in a heavily regulated production environment.

Learn how regulatory industry changes, including the latest TGA audit trends and engineering innovations, are likely to impact your production facilities, validation and GMP processes.

2019 Masterclass #1: “Auditing engineering systems and critical utilities”  

Gordon Farquharson, B.Sc.(Hons), C.Eng. is Principal and Managing Director of Critical Systems Ltd.

clean room technology and GMP gmp-systems-technology-

This popular 2019 Masterclass provided participants with valuable information and skills for design qualification compliant with Annex 15, enhanced design review, as well as techniques and tips for B2B auditing and GMP inspection. The main areas of focus are:

  • Environmental control and HVAC systems for cleanrooms and critically controlled areas.
  • Pharma Water Systems.

Masterclass #2: “Mindset 4.0 Masterclass” Led by Jason Clarke, Minds at Work.


This 2019 training course helped leaders and quality managers adapt to changes in the industry.  The focus was on nurturing an attitude of LEADING progressive changes, rather than RESPONDING to industry demands and regulatory changes under time pressures.

Attendees learned how to nurture innovative, continuous improvement mindsets in employees, QA teams and system designers.

Details of Jason Clarke’s Mindset 4.0 Masterclasses.

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