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Exporting Medicinal Cannabis from Australia to Germany

With the legalisation of cultivation and export of medicinal cannabis products within Australia, many growers and companies producing medicinal cannabis products have set their interest in exporting their excess products to other parts of the world.

A market of particular …


Clinical Trials: Setting up Your Cannabis Research Study

There is widespread demand for access to medicinal cannabis products by patients. Yet very few Australian doctors currently prescribe cannabinoid-derived medications. Will emerging clinical trial evidence reduce the reluctance of GPs to prescribe these medications? In this blog, we’ll …


Medicinal Cannabis in Macedonia (The Republic of North Macedonia)

Medicinal Cannabis in Macedonia, recently formally renamed the Republic of North Macedonia, is booming.  Cannabis business development in the region resembles similar trends we’re noticing in the global medicinal cannabis industry across the globe.  See “Predictions for global medicinal …