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GMP eLearning Training – GMP eLearning Courses

Our GMP eLearning courses are perfect for those busy professionals in the life science industry with the regulatory requirement of initial and ongoing GMP training including EU GMP training. Online GMP courses start at $20 to $40 cost per person. They are also available on-demand, 24-7, from anywhere in the world. Read more about online GMP training courses. including FDA eLearning course options (USA), TGA (Australia) GMP (Worldwide), EU GMP (Europe GMP), PIC/S (UK) and more.

GMP elearning course

Due to the popularity and demand for PharmOut’s online GMP training courses including our EU GMP and PIC/S and FDA courses, we upgraded our eLearning several years ago to a dedicated and validated Online GMP Training server. This offers peace of mind for your online GMP training needs.

This validated online training server helps GMP manufacturers based in or exporting to the following countries – United States, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand or any other PIC/S regulated countries like Australia.

Our GMP and EU GMP elearning training courses have a special focus on EU PIC/S, FDA and TGA compliance (GMP).

All GMP and EU GMP eLearning courses are assessed online and generate a certificate of completion for your training compliance records.

All PharmOut courses are SCORM / TinCan compliant and can be individually customised for your companies needs, including branding and content. If you are interested in using our courses for your in-house Learning Management System (LMS) please contact us to discuss your requirements and costing.

3 Awesome advantages of using our GMP eLearning Courses

1. 24/7 Accessibility for online GMP learning 

Our GMP eLearning courses and materials are accessible to the workforce throughout the day, every day. This makes it possible for your team to learn at their own pace and in comfortable settings or during a production stoppage. Unlike conventional learning methods where classroom training is provided, eLearning ensures the fast learners may complete their training sooner and this enhances productivity.

2. Suitable For Millennials

 Lastly, one of the less-talked-about benefits of eLearning is how it is better suitable for the millennial workforce, today’s employees work not just for money, but also to continually learn. With a classroom-style learning environment, there are only a limited number of training programs that an employee could attend. Businesses that enable access to valuable eLearning subjects to their staff, enjoy better loyalty from such employees who have a greater sense of accomplishment at their workplace.

3. Improved Pedagogy

Studies have shown that gamification, as opposed to rote learning, enhances engagement and improves retention for learning environments. Thanks to the dozens of sophisticated learning tools available today within our learning platform, it is simpler to introduce gamification.

It is not just gamification. eLearning also helps with the use of personalized study materials and interactive formats.

From the perspective of the GMP employer and training requirements, employers in the life sciences, pharmaceutical industries, complementary medicines and cannabis GMP, and medical device manufacturing may now reliably use learning tools to match competencies with the learning goals achieved by the employee.

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