Validation Engineers

Validation Engineers Experienced in TGA, FDA, EU and PIC/S GMPs

PharmOut are the largest employer of  Validation Consultants or Validation Engineers in Asia Pacific and thought leaders in new and innovative approaches to validation. We frequently execute validation projects on a fixed price basis or  experienced Ashley Isbel - Lead Validation Engineerat an hourly rate basis. After many years of consulting and working in validation our experts have gathered a formidable library of key project documents, ranging from Validation Master Plans, User Requirements Specifications (URS), Functional Specifications (FS) and Detailed Design Specifications, Design Qualification, so we can comfortably and efficiently gather and document your key requirements. Our documents are designed and laid out to promote the efficient generation of qualification protocols such as IQ, OQ and PQ, or we can grab some from similar past projects.

We can also of a house call, your less experienced validation team can spend a day with one of our experienced consultants talking validation, sharing ideas and making sure your team has the latest thinking, after all, validation can be a lonely place.

Whether it is an existing facility, or a brand new facility manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices or biologics; our engineers can navigate their way through the regulations and help you set up a compliant and practical validation approach and you can have confidence.

What this means for our Validation Engineers?

Its has been a challenge for our validation consultants to lead the discussion and provide meaningful insights into these new approaches and offer practical advice and outcomes. We regularly present and attend international conferences to remain current and shared this knowledge when we returned to the region. For example, in 2015, PharmOut trained 351 professionals in equipment qualification and process validation and has lead the discussion along side inspectors  from some of the worlds most respected regulatory agencies.

PharmOut’s ‘regulatory knowledge, practically applied’ approach to compliance means that we won’t over-engineer your qualification and validation efforts, or more importantly, blow your budget.

Investigational Medicines or Product Development

Good business sense and the regulations for example Annex 13 or Section 19 which covers investigational medicines and product development should be controlled and developed within a GMP / GLP quality framework. This quality framework and written records are crucial to facilitate validation later, i.e. this is now know as the stage 1 of process validation.

The general expectation is that products in clinical trials should be controlled within a GLP /GMP environment, many key patient health aspects should be fully validated, i.e. sterility assurance, or computer systems validation holding medical records or analytical results.

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