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Bryan Wright, ex-MHRA Inspector joins PharmOut

Bryan Wright - ex Head of MHRA GMP - Full

On the 1st of April 2016, he joined PharmOut as an Executive Consultant.

Bryan brings extensive European regulatory compliance experience to PharmOut having spent most of his 22 years as GMP Inspector, later as a GMP expert inspector, the last 5 years as the Head of GMP/GDP at the MHRA, UK.

During that time, he had oversight of significant growth in the number of inspectors in response to increased regulatory demand within the EU and abroad. He retired from MHRA in 2011 and now works as a pharmaceutical consultant in the UK.

He established his own company WorkingWright Ltd, and for a number of years Bryan has been the European Regulatory Affairs Advisor for ISPE, continuing his passion to improve health outcomes for this prestigious non-profit organisation.

PharmOut Managing Director, Trevor Schoerie said that “I’m delighted that Bryan has agreed to join PharmOut to become a member of a team of wonderfully talented and experienced Pharmaceutical Consultants. Bryan’s considerable experience and sound knowledge of EU GMP would be extremely helpful in the months ahead as Australia prepares to adopt the latest PIC/S GMPs.”

PharmOut Executive Consultant, Bob Tribe said that “I have worked with Bryan for many years, both in the regulatory compliance area and as a Regulatory Affairs Advisor for ISPE. I have found his knowledge of European and PIC/S regulatory requirements to be extensive and reliable, and I believe that he will be extremely helpful in complementing my own regulatory compliance knowledge for many PharmOut projects”.

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