PharmOut were engaged through specialist design management by the Australian Government to support development of a business case for a new major state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.


The project intent is to maintain Australia’s ability to respond to disease threats into the future. Key objectives for the project included capability for pandemic response and multiple products of national significance, compliance with latest GMP regulations as well as building compliance requirements.


The scope of work included a detailed review of current and potential future manufacturing technology. The outcome of this review was then used as a basis for preparation of a conceptual design for the proposed facility. Using this design concept PharmOut then prepared a ±30% cost estimate for the business case. Other deliverables for the concept study included assistance with project planning including overall project schedule and project cost profile.

Scope of Work:Manufacturing technology review, concept study, facility concept design, facility cost estimate and planning.
Area BreakdownWarehouse+lab - XX%
Office - XX$
Manufacturing - XX$
Estimated Value of Project AUD $:500M
Year(s):2018 - 2020
Facility Size m2:8000
Client:Confidential (Public Sector)
Referee Contact Name and Details:Referees for specific projects available on request

In the design management of this mission critical facility project for the Australian Government, we used the iterative ‘sectional’ (or three-dimensional) understanding of built form to determine a series of vertical layers throughout the building, separately providing material, personnel and services paths on different levels of the building, intrinsically ‘designing out’ potential safety issues with their crossover. This was also a technique used in the CCL project that allowed for personnel movement over and around the production spaces and dropping ‘into’ designated work areas as required, offering further advantages with respect to designing for pressure cascades, containment levels and (bio) security.

Typical Functional Building Section