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Nutrition Care Founder Professor Ian Brighthope lifetime achievement

Professor Ian Brighthope
Nutrition Care Pharmaceutical’s founder Professor Ian Brighthope lifetime achievement award

The Indian Nutritional Medical Association recently presented Nutrition Care Pharmaceutical’s founder Professor Ian Brighthope with the Indian Nutritional Medical Association Lifetime Achievement Award in Kerala, India.

This prestigious award honours an individual’s significant efforts in advancing the state of the nutritional / complementary medicines industry worldwide.The Lifetime Achievement Award is the top award established by the Indian Nutritional Medical Association and is presented to experts and scholars with outstanding achievements in the research, education and practice of nutritional and environmental medicine.

As the chief executive of Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, a prestigious medicinal products manufacturer based in Australia and licensed by the TGA, Professor Brighthope has contributed by providing patients with comprehensive health outcomes based on his professional experience in nutrition, healthcare, agricultural science, and environmental medical science, Prof. Brighthope is also a world-known physician in Australia’s medical science and healthcare sectors.

He founded Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, recommended by Australian family doctors as the preferred high-end nourishment brand, with products sold in over 10 countries and regions across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Nutrition Care Pharmaceutical’s production consists of a vast range of manufacturing capabilities such as capsules, tablets, powders and liquid herbs. Many of their products use the very latest in material technology such as products containing micro encapsulated ingredients, vegetable-based and enteric-coated products.

Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality in the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of safe and effective health care products to meet the exceptions of all stakeholders.

PharmOut congratulates Professor Brighthope on this achievement.

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