Job Seeker Education Options: 2021 Microlearning Options

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Job Seeker Education Options: 2021 Microlearning Options

Can job seekers benefit from online training courses and ‘live-streamed’ 1-day courses to gain an interview in the Pharmaceutical industry? The short answer is YES. Online training courses are some of the best job seeker education options available when you’re seeking a career change or hoping for an interview in a soft employment market.

You might even gain a number of ‘insider’ insights to regulatory compliance activities in the Pharmaceutical industry, simply by taking these short courses.

  • Industry insights that might otherwise take you a few years to gain.
  • Industry insights that can help you ‘speak the language’ during an interview.
  • Industry insights (and terminology) that can prevent you from adopting a blank stare during an interview, when you hear a word (or regulatory compliance concept) you’ve never heard before.

In fact, of the different job seeker education options you’ll explore:

  • Online training courses offer the most rapid (and lowest-cost) options for pharmaceutical industry training certificates
  • Live-streamed “virtual” training courses led by Pharmaceutical industry experts can also provide you with advanced industry knowledge (and industry insights) you’d otherwise gain only by working directly in the sector

How much time does it take to gain a GMP training course Certificate?

 You can gain a GMP Course Completion certificate in as little as:

  • 2 to 4 hours per module for online training course completion
  • 7 to 10 hours when attending a day-long virtual training session, including reviewing the materials and completing the Final Assessment
  • 15 to 20 hours for an industry-orientation training bundle

Microlearning remains the ‘go to’ learning experience for gaining employment in 2021

If you’re searching for a pharmaceutical-industry job role — or want to shift your salary rate:

For as little as $30 to $50 USD per course or $450 AUD plus GST for live-streamed courses, you can gain important GMP compliance knowledge.

Knowledge that you can list on your Pharmaceutical sector job applications.

Knowledge about the pharmaceutical sector that might help you with your career path trajectory.

  • But there are many other factors that can impact your ability to gain employment in the Pharmaceutical industry; so there are never any guarantees.
  • However, if you’re wanting to change careers — and have your eye on job openings in the pharmaceutical and/or medical device sectors — you’d be wise to gain some basic training in GMP compliance matters and industry-specific terminology.

Digital training for the pharmaceutical sector job seekers 

If you’re wanting more information about how industry-specific training courses can increase your job hunt responses (the long answer to the question posed at the start of this article), keep reading.

What types of courses are available for job seekers wanting to find work in the pharmaceutical sector?

There are many different job seeker education options for this sector.

Digitally delivered training options for job seekers offer industry-specific education, including Certificates of Completion (GMP training certificates) for a number of GMP topics.

Options include courses for warehouse and transportation personnel, production line workers, Quality Managers, Internal Auditors and CAPA investigators through to facility architects and engineers tasked with designing cleanroom HVAC systems, Cleaning Validation procedures, and Pharmaceutical Water Quality systems.

Whether you’re an experienced quality manager, a systems architect, data integrity expert or a new engineering graduate, these courses may give you an edge over other job applicants and gain you that ever-important interview opportunity.

Online courses and 1-day virtual training sessions can offer you rapid upskilling – which may just gain you an interview in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and/or medical product development sectors. No promises, of course. Yet it makes sense to gain industry-specific knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as this knowledge is imperative for working in these sectors.

How job seekers impacted by Covid are using online training courses and live-streamed training sessions to improve their chances of gaining an interview in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

If you’re an engineer, production worker, logistics manager or Quality Manager whose career was derailed by Covid shutdowns, perhaps you’re considering entering the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sector.

But without previous pharmaceutical industry experience, you’re finding it hard to get an interview. Sound familiar?

  • If this is what you’re experiencing, what’s a great way to get in front of a Pharmaceutical Industry Recruiter?
  • How can you gain knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry (or medical device manufacturing industry) without having already worked directly in these sectors?

The answer is self-directed training.

If you have your eye on a career in the pharmaceutical sector, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) terminology and regulatory compliance requirements (including PIC/S Annexes and Validation processes).

“Without this knowledge, you’ll be missing out on interviews. You might also find it hard to change careers and enter the world of Pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug development.

The pitfalls of having no GMP experience

As you may have already discovered, if you don’t understand pharmaceutical industry terminology and the basics of TGA or FDA regulatory compliance audits — you’ll be unlikely to get an interview in the Pharmaceutical, drug development or medical device manufacturing sectors.

Self-directed training is increasingly being used to gain employment interviews in a tough job market.

Job Seekers education options pharmaceutical jobs

Potential benefits of self-directed training in the pharmaceutical sector:

  • Being considered above other applicants with no training or experience in regulatory compliance matters.
  • Convenience of learning – online learning is available 24/7, for a low cost.
  • Blending online training with live-streamed, 1-day training courses by highly respected experts in the sector.
  • GMP Course Certificates (Certificates of Completion) upon completion of the online Assessment process.

When you successfully complete an online GMP training course from, you’ll gain a Certificate of Completion that you can attach to your CV when you apply for a job in these sectors.

Online courses and live-streamed training options offer other benefits to job seekers wanting to alter the trajectory of their career path, or their income levels.

With the availability of 24/7 online training (and several live-streamed sessions) being offered for ‘training safety’ reasons, you can now:

  • Increase your pharmaceutical industry knowledge without leaving your home office.
  • Familiarise yourself with GMP compliance requirements (including PIC/s Version 14, which the TGA will use for auditing purposes as of July 2021).
  • Improve your job seeking capacity in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

Are there Government funding opportunities, education grants or training scholarships to help you pay for online training courses?

There are some Government funds for completing training for certain types of accredited training programs offered by course-accredited Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

But these ASQA accredited training programs often take a minimum of 1 year to 3 years to complete (a Diploma, for example, can readily consume 2 or more years of full-time study). Plus, certain criteria apply. Can you really afford to study full-time for several years before gaining employment? And do you really want thousands of dollars of education costs added to your current financial pressures?

Additionally, not every RTO is as respected by industry employers as are Pharmaceutical industry-based education providers, such as PharmOut (a consultancy firm with global GMP compliance experts including engineers, architects, facility designers, FDA and TGA audit response experts, expert SOP writers, and more.

Let’s face it – an industry-respected training organisation is going to offer more direct industry knowledge than many fly-by-night RTOs, with their frequently poor student satisfaction statistics and high rates of employee turnover.

Training options to enter the Pharmaceutical sector

  • Instead of devoting 3 years to a course at the outset of your career in pharmaceutical manufacturing, consider the option of ONLINE COURSES.
  • These industry orientation courses help you gain foundational knowledge of GMP compliance requirements, and other quality assurance requirements (such as Pharmacovigilance), in a very short period of time.
  • They provide instant training materials access (24/7) via the internet; and self-paced learning (you can start and stop, then restart these courses, at any time that suits you).
  • You’ll have 12 months access to the training course and GMP training resources, so you can go back and refresh your GMP knowledge at any time during those 12 months.

Online course Assessments: GMP Training Course Certificates

Pharmaceutical Jobs and job seeker training

Job seekers should also consider taking several of the 1-day live-streamed training sessions open to the public (Technical Writing, GMP Refresher course and more) led by industry experts.

  • Both online GMP courses and live-stream courses can be completed in a brief period of time – from 1 to 4 hours for an online course to a half-day or full-day training course led by Maria Mylonas
  • When you successfully pass the online Assessments for these courses, you can immediately download your Certificate and attach the Certificate of Completion to your job application.
  • Don’t miss out on an interview – get your training Certificates before you apply for a job opening – and get in quickly! It’s a tight job market at the moment.
  • But even though the job market is contracted momentarily, many Pharmaceutical companies are hiring again.

The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), vaccines and other medications has skyrocketed at the same time international supply chains were disrupted by a lack of travel.

This means many organisations will:

  • Require higher numbers of personnel who understand GMP compliance matters
  • Consider hiring new employees to fill the gaps
  • Aim to overcome supply chain disruptions by returning manufacturing processes and quality assurance checks to their original manufacturing sites (when possible).


Will a GMP Certificate Course help my job prospects?

  • These brief industry-specific courses may certainly improve your chances of getting an interview in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • But be sure you download and attach the Certificate of Completion to your application and CV.
  • Also, note these courses in your job application (list them under the Education section on your resume, or under Industry Training).
  • If you think your resume isn’t presented properly – get professional CV writing help (or use Grammarly’s resume / CV writing advice).

No guarantees, of course – it is a tough market thanks to Covid. And factors other than GMP knowledge can deter your entry into the sector.

At the same time, many pharmaceutical businesses are hiring now as we stated above, with increased demand for production quantities of vaccines, respirators, masks, gloves, gowns, and other medical devices.

Having a Certificate of Completion for several GMP courses – and understanding the concepts and terminology of GMP – will certainly set your job application apart from other candidates who have ZERO knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and regulatory compliance requirements.

And having industry-recognised training will also set you apart from other applicants that lack information on personnel hygiene, good recordkeeping/good documentation practices (ALCOA), and cross-contamination risks.

  • These are several “knowledge” skillsets you’ll need to have to gain work in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.
  • So it’s best to take these courses as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out on a job opening in the sector – and are ready and prepared to add your training course Certificates to your application.

Is there Government funding for courses?

Cost of online GMP training / Certificate Courses

Many job seekers are confused about potential Government funding that is available for education for the currently unemployed. If you were assigned to an employment assistance agency, do your research about what they may be able to give you in terms of course funding assistance.

  • Did you know that most Government-hired job seeker agencies have a training budget?
  • Many of these agencies DO have funds available to help you upskill your knowledge.

They often fail to mention it, and you must apply for it and meet certain criteria. But this is well worth exploring.

  • If you’re receiving job seeker funding in Australia, for example, you may be able to get your Employment Agency to chip in for your training courses.
  • Again, they often have a special training budget for their job seekers, with strict criteria; many agencies try to conserve these funds to the detriment of the people they’re trying to help.
  • It might be helpful to do your research first; then present an education funding request to your agency for these training courses using related data.

If financial help for education courses is not available to you, the good news is that you can learn about the Pharmaceutical sector – and GMP compliance requirements – for very little money.

Online courses, 1-day live-streamed training sessions are a great investment in your career change path.

Each course varies, but below are average costs for online courses and 1-day training sessions.

Online courses – costs

  • For only $30 USD to $60 USD per course (or discounted online course bundles in specific manufacturing sectors), you can get started immediately.
  • These are Certificate GMP Courses, designed by PharmOut’s expert consultants.
  • They are highly respected by industry employers, who often contract with PharmOut for their personnel training needs.
  • One popular bundle, for example, is the 4-part Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals online training package for only $160 USD. This series is ideal for Quality Personnel/Quality role applicants, engineers, architects, maintenance contractors or suppliers desiring to do business for large pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. It takes approximately 16 to 20 hours to complete all 4 modules; but assumes you have at least studied GMP01 and GMP02 courses or have some experience in the sector.

You’d also be wise to take a few live-streamed training courses, such as Technical Writing / SOP writing (pharmaceutical industry-focused, but open to the public).

Live-streamed 1-day training sessions – what is the average cost of a 1-day GMP training course, and are these open to the public?

These are small-group courses for only $450 AUD (Plus GST).

Register quickly if you need to get upskilled in a hurry in order to apply for jobs in the pharmaceutical sector.

What order should I take the GMP courses?

This depends on both your areas of employment interest – quality, engineering, administration, etc – and your previous education and career experience.

Your first stop will typically be the GMP01 and GMP02 courses (online).

Those will cost you $30 USD each ($60 USD for both) – or take one of the discounted bundles.

Read more about GMP01.

Read more about GMP02.

You’ll also need to understand good recordkeeping pratice (GRK)

If you want to work in a production line role, warehouse/logistics or other quality role, you will want to explore these online courses for only $30 USD each.



Good Recordkeeping Practice (GRK) / Good Documentation Practice

Good Distribution Practice

Good Warehouse Practice for Pharmaceutical Products

Warehouse and Distribution (GMP training)

Need to train your new pharmaceutical employees?

Contact PharmOut for custom training quotes for:

  • Live-streamed custom GMP training courses for groups of 15 or more employees
  • Discounted online GMP training bundles for large numbers of personnel
  • Custom training development