Dose Administration Aid (DAA) Pharmacies

Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) are sealed, tamper-evident packages that allow individual medicine doses to be organised according to the prescribed dose schedule. Manually placing the appropriate medications in the different compartments of a Webster Pak is a common way to prepare a Dose Administration Aid within a pharmacy.

High Volume, High Speed DAA Preparation

Some pharmacists are embracing the opportunities associated with an aging population and dose administration aids. We helped APHS (now Epic Pharmacy, with DoseAid being their Dose Administration Aid division ) become the first TGA-certified facility for the high volume dispensing of DAAs. Packaged into sachets, the APHS’ dose administration aids are prepared using automated tablet dispensing and packaging systems.

If you are planning a non-pharmacy facility for the automated and computerised dose packing systems required to prepare high volumes of DAAs we can help you get the regulatory approvals you’ll need as well as show you how to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

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