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TGA Medicinal Cannabis

I’m often asked to clarify the difference between TGA Medicinal Cannabis and EU GMP Medicinal Cannabis, i.e. who is that has the highest “Gold Standard” for Medicinal Cannabis? I suspect this has come about because many are trying to …


False Claims in CBD Product Advertisements: The FDA Crackdown

FDA Crackdowns on False Claims for Medicinal Cannabis Products
False Claims, Fake Medicines and Counterfeit News – Why the U.S. FDA is cracking down on cannabis-product advertising claims and unsubstantiated efficacy statements.
Are U.S. medicinal cannabis suppliers preying on vulnerable populations …

Number of medicinal cannabis prescriptions in Australia - how many prescribers

Oncology | Cannabis Medications for Treating Cancer Pain and Nausea

Oncology and Cannabis Medications | Potential Treatment Benefits
There’s a frequently referenced Oncology article from Dr Donald I. Adams that discusses using Cannabis Medications to treat cancer symptoms. The article reviews whether Oncologists should prescribe medicinal cannabis to their cancer …

Fibromyalgia Research medicinal marijuana treatments evidence base, Cochrane Reviews, Systematic Reviews

Fibromyalgia Research | Medicinal Cannabis | High THC Formulations

Fibromyalgia Research – does Medicinal Cannabis help?  
Are THC-rich cannabis medications effective for treating symptoms of Fibromyalgia? Find out why a new Dutch study supports further research into treating Fibromyalgia with high THC medical cannabis formulations. Reading time: 2.5 minutes.

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Clinical Trials: Setting up Your Cannabis Research Study

There is widespread demand for access to medicinal cannabis products by patients. Yet very few Australian doctors currently prescribe cannabinoid-derived medications. Will emerging clinical trial evidence reduce the reluctance of GPs to prescribe these medications? In this blog, we’ll …