Good Laboratory Practice Audits

Putting the “Good” back in “Good Laboratory Practice”

It has been a big year for industry as organisations scramble to be in full compliance with PIC/S PE009-13. With the due date on January 1st 2019, this deadline is coming sooner than many of us would like!

On the 12th September, I attended the CAPSIG NSW/TGA seminar in Sydney which provided an insight into the common TGA inspection deficiencies relating to microbiological aspects of product quality.

In the PharmOut spirit, I’ve taken these common deficiencies and created a new free checklist with a focus on putting the “Good” back into “Good Laboratory Practice,” and help you assess your laboratories for compliance.

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Of course, full compliance with GLP is much more complicated; these are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider!

Data Integrity deficiencies have also been ranked highly in the past and while you’re conducting your GLP evaluation, you might also like to use our free Data Integrity Checklist to give your systems an additional “health check.”

If you’d like to learn more about GLP, including Data Integrity in the lab, PharmOut also provides Good Laboratory Practice training events in Melbourne and Sydney, contact us  to find out more.

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