Medicinal Cannabis Quality Management System

Medical Cannabis Quality Management System Templates

Since 2006, PharmOut has been a leading provider of highly regarded and coveted Quality Management Systems (QMS) template packs. Purchasing is simple and facilitated through our online shop – a simple click here, pay there, and you will be able to download a “zip file” of the QMS template of your choice, be they for Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Pharmaceuticals (PQS) or Computer System Validation.

After working closely with our partners QikSolve, PharmOut is proud to announce that we have extended our QMS templates to now include a Medical Cannabis Quality Management System pack. While the templates take the form of pre-populated generic templates, they are able to be customised and edited by clients to better suit their business requirements. (Please note that we are not selling our Medical Cannabis Templates just yet.)

On-Screen Medical Cannabis Quality Management System 

As the Medicinal Cannabis boom is taking place alongside Pharma 4.0, we believe that to move forward practically requires moving away from the traditional paper-based system and towards more modern on-screen digital solutions. The more advanced SharePoint-integrated template packs are designed to be used in SharePoint system of Office 365 – a common utility for many companies (the E3 or 5 user licenses are typically only $30 per month and usually are already paid for by the business). Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Reduced set up costs to writing your QMS, it’s pre-populated on screen for you to edit and modify to suit your business needs and process flows in your grow house and head house.
  • Reduced your administration costs with centralised documentation and process management across your business, all done on screen
  • Work more efficiently with powerful collaboration tools and the ability to work from anywhere with Office 365
  • Improved control, accountability, and visibility into your processes with powerful reporting tools from Power BI
  • Save time looking for information with improved search and ‘findability’ and all your information in a central location


Compliance Built In

PharmOut has a proven track record of helping regulators and industry enhance GMP standards around the world and we are confident that our On-Screen Medical Cannabis Quality Management System and  Templates will meet the requirements of international GMPs like those published by the EU, US FDA, WHO, and PIC/S.

Whilst compliance with regulations are important, it is far more important to optimise your business practices and standardise workflows. Critically, if you are starting out, most employees will be on steep learning curves, and having on-screen, easily accessible instructions will reduce unnecessary errors and downtime required for corrections.

The technology platform for the on-screen QMS, Ibiqs, is SharePoint, which has a robust Part 11 audit trail a key critical requirement for  Part 11 compliance.

If you would like to know more about our proven capability either to write your paper QMS or eQMS, why not contact us at one of our offices around the world to discuss your On-Screen Medical Cannabis Quality Management System?

Download the Medicinal Cannabis On Screen QMS product sheet to find out more.


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