Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum

Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum

Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum

We would like to know if you are interested in supporting a Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum for the manufacture of medicinal cannabis before a Symposium to educate doctors and nurses, the Medicinal Cannabis Symposium is run by UIC Australian Medicinal Cannabis on the 23, 24, 25 June 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Speaking with Lucy Haslam, of UIC, we looking for potential parties / partners, i.e. medicinal cannabis manufacturers, suppliers etc in collaborating to help with a forum on the 22  June 2017. This will be chance for Victoria to shine, after all, my understanding is that the first 3 licenses, as Bill Turner of the ODC shared last week at RACI event, are all Victorian based.

The 3-day UIC Symposium will provide you opportunity to hear from the world’s most informed speakers on the medical uses, current research, and science behind medicinal cannabis, it is a separate event to the forum. The Symposium Program will be suited to medical professionals, policy makers and the public including patients and carers.

Feedback on the Sydney RACI Event

On the 28th March, I attended a Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) event on medicinal cannabis in Sydney, it was an enjoyable and very informative afternoon, if you are interested in this event or future events follow this link here as far as I can tell there are no presentations available yet.

Several TGA and Office of Drug Control presented, as well as eminent researchers, what struck me again is that this is a grass root movement. It is people like Lucy Haslam, with deeply personal experiences (as told on ABC Australian Story), lobbying government to change the legislation and regulation to permit Medicinal Cannabis into Australia.

Bill Turner informed attendees that 3 licenses had been granted to Victorian companies and they had received 48 applications from 35 companies, and the ODC confirmed that there have been only 12 manufacturing license applications.

Given the initial size of the Australian market, this would seem to be about right. After all, the investment in a manufacturing facility will be several million dollars, I assume market forces will determine the final number of cultivators and manufacturers.

Are you willing to help?

If you are interested in attending the Symposium please contact UIC (Lucy), or register on line, if you would like to help arrange a Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum on the 22 June, please contact PharmOut at

TGA links to regulations

If you looking for regulations on the TGA expectations you can find them here.

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