Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conferences 2020

2020 Cannabis Conference(s)

Are you searching for upcoming 2020 Medicinal Cannabis Conferences?  The 2020 Australian Cannabis Conference is scheduled for March 2019.  Registration details are listed below.  For other upcoming international cannabis conferences, GMP forums, and Cannabis Cultivation training pages, visit our upcoming events training pages.  Our next 2019 Life Sciences Manufacturing Industry by Design Forum (covering GMP and Engineering Innovations for manufacturing) is being held in Melbourne in July 2019.

Details of the Life Sciences Forum training in Melbourne, Australia (click here).

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Contact us for inquiries about our upcoming international training for Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing to PIC/S & EU GACP /GMP.

Cannabis Industry Forums & Training Courses Philosophy

A Better Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry.

Following on the from the highly successful Medicinal Cannabis Forum in March 2019, PharmOut will again host a 2020 Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conference at the Sofitel, Melbourne on the 23rd and 24th March 2020. The aim was to bring together professionals interested in the burgeoning cannabis sector to openly share information to enable Australia’s businesses to gain a competitive edge in the global cannabis market, as well as understand the unique engineering, facility architecture, GACP and GMP requirements and licensing and permits required to start a cannabis cultivation or export business in Australia and around the world.

Why PharmOut hosts cannabis conferences and forums for medical cannabis industry professionals and start-up organisations.

To support the surge of interest and investment in the Medicinal Cannabis over the past few years, it is important to connect as professionals to better facilitate the development of the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry as a whole.

Our cannabis conferences and forums aim to bring together local and international experts to present, engage, debate and discuss the current and upcoming technologies, ideas and challenges for the cultivation and manufacture of Medicinal Cannabis worldwide.

One of the top priorities for local cannabis businesses operating in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, North Territory, Southwest Australia and Western Australia is to ensure that Australia’s budding medical cannabis industry gains a competitive foothold in the global marketplace. This requires understanding the legal obligations, licencing and permit application processes and the strict regulatory requirements for quality assurance / GMP for pharmaceutical cannabis production and exportation.

It also requires utilizing new and exciting technological concepts, such as  Industry 4.0, Big Data analytics, automation, and digital inventory systems can become absolute game changers.

Energy-efficiency and cost-effective manufacturing of cannabis-based products for medical use

For our cannabis-industry forums and conferences, we will prioritize exhibitors and international speakers who can provide technical expertise on areas critical to successful cultivation and manufacture of Medicinal Cannabis. This includes energy-efficiency, sustainable farming and production processes, lean manufacturing and GMP for cost-effective production to maintain a competitive edge and pricing advantage in the global cannabis industry, with the potential to double  or triple over the next few years (click here for growth predictions for 2020-2024.

Event Registration | 2020 Medicinal Cannabis Conference

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Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conference 2020

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Medicinal Cannabis Conference 2020 – location(s) and event details

Conference dates for 2020: 23-24 March 2020
Start time: 8:30 AM for 9:00 AM start
End time:  4:00 PM
Venue: Sofitel Melbourne, 25 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000