Community Services Obligation (CSO) Distributors

What are Community Services Obligation (CSO) Distributors?

In the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, Community Service Obligation (CSO) distributors are entities or organizations that have the responsibility to distribute medicines or medical devices to underserved or disadvantaged populations as part of a regulatory requirement or public health initiative. These distributors often operate in regions or communities where access to healthcare and essential medicines may be limited.

When it comes to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Community Service Obligation distributors are still expected to comply with the relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of the medicines or medical devices they distribute. While GMP primarily focuses on manufacturing operations, it is still relevant to distributors as they handle the storage, transportation, and sometimes repackaging of the products.

Typically, Community Services Obligation Distributors seek help in the following areas:

How can PharmOut help?

PharmOut has a proven track record in helping Community Service Obligation (CSO) Distributors comply with the TGA’s Good Wholesaling Practice (GWP) regulations. We can also help you with reducing the cost of compliance and achieving operational efficiencies that will reduce your overall costs.

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