Annex 15

Consultations on adoption of EU guidelines in Australia

EU guidelines

A number of EU guidelines have been proposed for adoption or non-adoption by the TGA. These are now open for comment until 19 August 2013. The guidelines in question are listed below:

  • Guideline on quality aspects on the isolation of candidate influenza vaccine viruses in cell culture.
  • Guideline on the requirements for quality documentation concerning biological investigational medicinal products in clinical trials
  • ICH guideline Q4B annex 7 (R2) to note for evaluation and recommendation of pharmacopoeial texts for use in the ICH regions on dissolution test. General chapter. Step 5
  • ICH guideline S2 (R1) on genotoxicity testing and data interpretation for pharmaceuticals intended for human use – Step 5
  • Question and answers on the ‘Note for guidance on photosafety testing’
  • Questions and answers on the withdrawal of the ‘Note for guidance on single dose toxicity’
  • Guideline on repeated dose toxicity
  • Questions and answers on the ‘Guideline on the limits of genotoxic impurities’

Further information can be found on the TGA website at here

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