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The PIC/S Pipeline Part 4 of 4

The PIC/S pipeline
Continuing on from our last post, the following changes are happening or have happened to the PIC/S GMPs:

Annex 2 Biological Medicinal Products has progressed through the public consultation phase.

Annex 11 Computerised Systems …

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The PIC/S GMP Pipeline Part 3 of 4

In trying to work out what is in the PIC/S GMP Pipeline we examined the Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG) of Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA ) held a regulatory workshop on Good Manufacturing …

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Current PIC/S GMP Guides – Part 2 of 4

Current PIC/S GMP Guides
On January 15, 2009 the PIC/S The Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme – PIC/S released its ‘PE009-8’ Guide to GMP document. This is the current code of GMP relevant to Australia’s Therapeutic …