Are you a GMP master? Take the quiz


Are you a GMP master? Take the quiz

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the cornerstone of product quality, while knowledge and application of GMP are the bedrock of regulatory compliance.

In the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals not only is GMP vital for the production of a quality product, it is essential in meeting regulatory requirements. Initial and ongoing training is an investment that protects the interests of your organisation. A proactive training approach helps build capacity and capability. In the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing, we all need to be ‘GMP masters’ of the regulatory guidelines by which we are governed.

Most regulatory authorities publish GMP guidelines including the TGA , WHO and the FDA. Most guidelines share many common concepts.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘master’ as “having or showing great skill or proficiency”. So how familiar are you with the common concepts of GMP? If you feel you are up to the challenge, test your knowledge by taking the online GMP quiz.

Feeling like a little competitive fun? Why not throw down the gauntlet to friends and colleagues to top your score. Share your score on social media, and let the challenge begin.

GMP quiz

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  1. 89%. Disagree with set answer for #14 though, the format of reports is something that typically does go into the validation plan.

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