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An ode to the ODC single licence and permit reforms

After a long wait, during what felt like an even longer year, the ODC has finally dropped a hot new legislative update (and just before we entered 2022 too). The title of this update? “Single licence and permit reforms“. Catchy, isn’t it? Because regulatory reforms aren’t as exciting for everyone as they are for me, I decided to spruce up this update into a rhyming form to make it a bit more tolerable (or intolerable) to the masses. This is what you’ll need to know:


From the McMillan review in 2019

We have eagerly waited for reform supreme;

From juggling papers to holding just one,

Efficiency is what is to come.


Licences needed a yearly rejig,

But they’ve made them forever – isn’t that big?

Licences have now been completely compressed;

From 3 down to one – is that not the best?

Tick the activities relevant on site,

Hey presto and bingo, it’ll turn out all right!


With permits, the details have now been reduced:

You only write down what you mean to produce.

No plant strains or schedules – oh the audacity!

Just your intended max capacity.

Supply chain is better: no pre-approvals,

But do keep a record of those that you’ll move to.


If you plan to start an application from scratch,

Please contact PharmOut, as we’ve got your back!

Please give us some details about who you are,

What you are making, and if you are far.


Please also identify what you are doing,

And maximum numbers of what you’ll be moving;

Including to who, and where, and why –

Transactions are only a piece of the pie!


Do you own the land you intend to use?

If not, get a lease, and then it’s a cruise!

The ODC wants your site details and more,

And do you have money? (I know it’s a bore!)

But you must first prove you’re financially stable

Before they decide that you’re financially able

To maintain a licence (it is not a small thing!)

So make sure you budget for everything.


You’ll need to show you are acute

In business, and of good repute;

Complete a form of informed consent,

(Your background is not malcontent?)


If you already grow hemp, then that’s a good start

In terms of compliance, it does play a part;

Some site security will be required

(Depends on the crop type that you have acquired).

For low-THC: hemp standards, and more

But high THC and you’re going to be floored;

You’ll need some high fences, controls, and a vault –

The cost by itself will give you a jolt!


A big change has come for the SOPs;

I can only assume that the ODC’s employees liked reading these

So much that they have now reduced the number;

But you still need to show your security’s under

Control; and describe how transport is handled,

As well as how storage and waste will be wrangled.


As a part of “best practices” we recommend:

Define your process – avoid a bad trend!

With the number of SOPs shrouded in doubt;

How to train staff when you’re up and about?


All this is needed to know the score

(With some details unaccounted for)

I’m going full bore, so if your head is sore,

Then I emplore: we are open-door,

Please get in touch to learn some more!


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