Industry 4.0

FDA Metrics tracker

Updated FDA 483 citations analytics tool

As we all know there has been an increasing regulatory emphasis on the importance of Quality Metrics. Where there is a demand, there will also follow a supply and just in time, QikSolve have …

GMP vs cGMP - what's the diffrence?

GMP vs cGMP – what’s the difference?

I’m often asked “What is the difference between GMP vs cGMP – are they the same? Is one a subset of the other?”

At the most basic level, GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and …

Pharma 4.0 – How Industry 4.0 Impacts in Pharma

Pharma 4.0 – How Industry 4.0 Impacts in Pharma

A lot has been written on Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot), also known as Industry 4.0, and how it’s changing the face of industries like transportation and logistics, manufacturing, aviation, …


Funding hits Australian life science research

Last week MTPConnect announced grants worth $7.4 million for 14 national projects supporting the growth of the medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals sector so all of the Australian life science research sector.

This is an exciting announcement from …