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Thank you to the 2017 GMP, Engineering & Validation Forum Sponsors

Biodecon Solutions
Biodecon Solutions was established to provide unique, safe and proven biological decontamination and containment solutions for Australia and New Zealand.
Operating in the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Medical, Healthcare, Bio-Technology, Life Science and Food Preparation industries, we …

Pharmaceutical Conference

2017 Pharmaceutical Conference

The focus on innovation continued into the 2017 pharmaceutical conference as we shared ideas and experiences around industry hot topics and some new concepts like Industry 4.0. Included topics in 2017 were Data Integrity, …

Large Indoor Marijuana Commercial Growing Operation With Fans, Greenhouse, Equipment For Growing High Quality Herb. Cannabis Field Growing For Legal Recreational Use in Washington State

United in Compassion Medicinal Cannabis Symposium 2017

As the evidence that Medicinal Cannabis is an effective medical treatment for some conditions, the timing of the third Medicinal Cannabis Symposium is critically important for Australia as we experience the initial growing pains, frustration, …

Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum

Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum

We would like to know if you are interested in supporting a Melbourne Medicinal Cannabis Forum for the manufacture of medicinal cannabis before a Symposium to educate doctors and nurses, the Medicinal Cannabis Symposium …

MHRA Annual GMP Symposium, 2012

National GMP & Validation Forum 2016

A Better Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry by Design – the National GMP & Validation Forum

We were thrilled to have this years Validation Forum opened by the Honorable Mr Frank Maguire, Member for Broadmeadows. Frank …