GMP & Healthcare facility planning & design

Healthcare facility planning & design

Healthcare facility planning and design for buildings such as pharmacies, hospitals and aged care requires specialised knowledge and experience.

GMP Facility Design

As does GMP facility planning and design – with manufacturing sites and scientific laboratories requiring very specific planning and design knowledge and experience. Understanding both the regulatory and workflow requirements of such facilities is critical to your success when building or renovating these facilities. We often hear the expression you need to build in quality, we believe that you need to design in quality. Final product quality starts long before product manufacture, its starts with the design of the research and development of the product, the scale up and most importantly, the facility planning and design.

PharmOut’s team of architects, engineers and project managers has extensive experience in the architectural and engineering design of health science facilities. They can make sure costly mistakes are avoided.


Pharmaceutical Architects

We design pharmaceutical, medical device & complementary medicine manufacturing & distribution facilities, hospitals & aged care facilities. ...

GMP Project Management

PharmOut offers project management services to help you get production up and running and comply with the relevant regulations. ...

Facility design reviews

Getting an independent GMP review of your facility design is a great insurance policy - before the concrete is poured or you've signed the property lease.We've known several companies wh ...

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Our Pharmaceutical Engineering consultants offer a one-stop shop for your next GxP-compliant project. ...